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“Wilful Blindness” by Joe Paterno and Fred Wilpon: Self-Interest Trumps the Duty to Protect Others

Please prove to us that you were not “wilfully blind” to evil Why are Joe Paterno and Fred Wilpon, the Mets’ magnate sliding toward bankruptcy, soul brothers? In large part, because PSU Assistant Coach Mike McQueary is alot like former … Continue reading

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The Woman Who May Change the Face of New York Baseball: Noreen Harrington

Noreen Harrington, portrayed in this morning’s New York Times (“Previous Success for Witness in Mets Case”)¬†is a woman you’re going to hear more about starting next Tuesday, March 19, when trial begins in U.S. District Court of claims brought by … Continue reading

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Trial Judge Wallops Wilpon Again, Making Mets Sale More Likely

Judge Rakoff ¬†walloped New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon yesterday in Federal District Court, ruling that Wilpon and his partners would have the burden of proof in showing that they did not act in bad faith while participating in profits … Continue reading

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