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I Repeat: NCAA “Enforcement Review” by Cadwalader Found NO Violations

Dennis Dodd, of CBS, for whom I have respect because he is usually both aggressive and skeptical, has nonetheless just jumped off a high cliff without first looking down. (See his article, ‘New Enforcement Cop Duncan Faces Battles Inside, Outside … Continue reading

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NCAA/Miami ‘Prudential Concerns’ vs. NCAA/UConn Knowing Violation of Federal Statutory Mandates

If you look up “prudential concerns” in the dictionary, the word ‘prudential‘ falls somewhere in between the words ‘poop‘ and ‘putrid‘.  I don’t know how Ken Wainstein sleeps at night, but he explicitly found that alleged violation of those “prudential … Continue reading

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Loopy Emmert Jumps Gun Again, Says Miami NCAA Investigation ‘Shocking’ – So It Probably Isn’t

Look, I’ve long ago concluded that the entire NCAA regulatory and enforcement arm operates more like a petty Ladies Auxiliary Book Club than a real live adjudicatory system. The entire system is not just dysfunctional; it’s a Potemkin village, meant … Continue reading

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