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Wainstein Touted Emmert’s Miami “Prudential Concerns” AND Authorized NSA Surveillance

Only in America. Kenneth L. Wainstein, Esq., of the Cadwalader white-shoe law firm, is not only the author of the by-now notorious UMiami “prudential concerns” report of February 2013 (commissioned by NCAA President Mark Emmert; see my prior posts, “I … Continue reading

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Notre Dame’s Sham Investigation: They Hung Te’o Out to Dry, and Violated NCAA Bylaws by Not Reporting

The Jan. 20 South Bend Tribune article “Investigating the Truth: Notre Dame Officials Say They Knew the Truth on Jan.4” contains a number of new facts, presumably leaked by Notre Dame’s top brass -though the brass would allow only Spokesman Dennis … Continue reading

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Why “Third Party Relationships” are NOT the NCAA’s Biggest Issue

First: I am big fan of John “Bylaw” Infante, he of the Bylaw Blog, formerly of the NCAA Blog.  He knows his stuff. He’s down to earth, accessible, and doesn’t — by all appearances — take himself too seriously. But … Continue reading

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Broadwell on Oct 26: My Long Term Goal is to Become the National Security Advisor

On October 26, 2012 Paula Broadwell gave a speech at the University of Denver  where she had gotten a master degree. Below is my rough transcription of her speech. (It’s much quicker to read through the notes, since the speech … Continue reading

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Jill Kelley Ain’t No Party Planner; She and Broadwell are CIA. And they both probably had General Sex

This is not a sex scandal. The press circles around, and gets all tumescent. But it’s not primarily a sex scandal. Is there sex going on? Of course. We know, I suppose, that Patraeus and Broadwell were entwined. But that’s … Continue reading

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Tressel-Paterno-Freeh-Peppers, a 1924 Constitution, and Raggedy-Ann Doll Compliance

  Some remarkable recent revelations about the apparently systematic use of sham “academic” courses by UNC’s basketball and football players over the last decade have prompted head-scratching and exclamation about whether NCAA President Mark Emmert’s “bold” assertion of summary sanction … Continue reading

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“Openness” at PSU: Pres. Spanier’s Sabattical is More in the Nature of a Witness Protection Program

Let’s see now. This is a sort of “Where’s Waldo?” project: Where’s former PSU President Graham Spanier? These are the sorts of things you could easily find out through a Freedom of Information request, in a heartbeat. Except in Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

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#Occupy NCAA Petition

Sign the #OccupyNCAA Petition to NCAA Pres. Mark Emmert, supporting giving Student Athletes an additional $2,000 to cover miscellaneous real costs, at http://www.change.org/petitions/ncaa-president-give-student-athletes-additional-2000-misc-expense-allowance In 1919, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford got fed up.

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OSU’s Gee, Smith Announce: Will Pay OSU Criminal Justice Majors to Spy on OSU Football Players, to Make Sure FB Players Are Not Being Paid

Gee and Smith also consider establishing a whole new category: the “Student-Athlete-Investigator.” Newsflash:  Pee Wee Gee and Gene Smith announced today what President Gee called a “major step forward in keeping these Student-Athletes in line, to make sure they get … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Intentionally Incoherent Response to NCAA – And Morris Takes a Fall

—  Of “Quality-Out-of-Control” Staffers, Too Many Practices and Coaches, Lay-Downs, The Big Fib, Intentional Incoherence, The Head Coach in the Compliance Bubble, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Compliance, Code of Silence, The Big Ugly Fear, Theory of Inattentions, RR’s Hip-Pocket Guys, Martin … Continue reading

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