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Goodell’s Big Fear Isn’t Losing to Vilma- It’s the NFL’s Staggering Concussion Liability Exposure

Look, even if Roger Goodell loses his “Bounty” case, he still wins. If you believe the news accounts concerning the hearing before Federal Judge Berrigan last Friday, she could barely restrain herself from ruling in favor of the Saints’ Vilma. Judge … Continue reading

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Bird-Words From Nerds: Greatest Tweets at Sloan Sports Analytics Conf.

Below is a highly subjective listing of “Greatest Tweets” sent during last-weekend’s (March 2-3) outstanding MIT Sloan School Sports Analytics Conference. This “select” list is by no means random; but I make no representations about the quality, provenance, accuracy (or … Continue reading

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The Bombshell in Peter King’s SI MMQB Column: Gregg Williams’ Redskin Defense Started Peyton’s Neck Problems?

Peter King’s MMQB column might be the best one-week “global tour” of a sport which is out in print now. His writing is effervescent, he has great access for interviews,  scrambles hard, and has a sense of humor. The best, … Continue reading

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Sloan Sports Conf- Nowinski: 90% of Concussions Undiagnosed; 75% of Football Head Trauma At Practice

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Sat. March 3, 2012. Presenter: Chris Nowinski of the Sports Legacy Institute: How New Concussion Technology Will Force Radical Change in Sports  Nowinski’s presentation was not highly attended, which might have been expected for a largely … Continue reading

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MIT Sport Conf: Internet Can’t Do 29 million for A NFL Game — Would Slow to Crawl

At the MIT Sloan School Sports Conference, according to tweets from those in attendance, it was made clear that current broadband levels would not accommodate the necessary levels of NFL viewers to even allow streaming of NFL games on the … Continue reading

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ESPN Won’t Be a Limewire

At today’s MIT Sloan Sports Conference (in the “Media Rights Panel”), John Skipper, ESPN President, drew a line in the sand:

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Trauma to The Brain: What Mark Emmert, Donna Shalala and Corwin Brown Have, and Why It Matters to the NCAA

Sha-La-La-La-La-La-La-Di-Da; La-Di-Da…… Late last week, former Michigan and New England Patriots Defensive Back Corwin Brown made a sorry set of headlines. The former assistant coach for the Pats and Fighting Irish made some threats, apparently, to his wife, but ushered … Continue reading

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