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Sue Paterno Got Hosed by Her Own Attorneys: the ‘Partial’ Paterno Report Hides Relevant Documents

Lawyers who try cases tend to be more than a little skeptical when the other side wants to call the wife to testify. And that skepticism often proves warranted, as the often gullible, highly emotional, if not distraught female gets … Continue reading

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Sen.Mitchell’s PSU Report Stunner: Must ALL Coaches ALWAYS Have a Second Adult Present?

My earlier post  (“How Sen.Mitchell’s Integrity Report Overlooks PSU’s Effort to ‘Gut’ a Basic Reform“) pointed out that Senator Mitchell’s first Quarterly ‘PSU Integrity Report’ allowed PSU to cleverly “gut” one of the primary (and more pragmatic) mandated reforms, by filling … Continue reading

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Posnanski’s Book-Diorama, Paterno as Shoe ‘Runner’,and the Great 20th Century Sports-Content Grab

Note: This is the first of a two-part review; the second part can be seen at “Posnanski on Paterno: You Can Lead a Whore to Culture, But You Can’t Make Her Think.“ “Don’t underestimate the world. It can corrupt quickly … Continue reading

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“Openness” at PSU: Pres. Spanier’s Sabattical is More in the Nature of a Witness Protection Program

Let’s see now. This is a sort of “Where’s Waldo?” project: Where’s former PSU President Graham Spanier? These are the sorts of things you could easily find out through a Freedom of Information request, in a heartbeat. Except in Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

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Paterno’s Desperate, Proven Lie: Rigging the Result of His ‘Grand Experiment’, at the Expense of Children

(So….Where to now, St. Peter?….) [Editor’s Note: This article was posted on Feb. 4, 2012, and events since then have proven that some of the chronological analysis below may be in error, as follows. Louis Freeh’s investigation revealed that former … Continue reading

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Penn State to NCAA: BUZZ OFF

Here’s the text of PSU’s message in response to Pres. Mark Emmert’s Nov. 17 letter of inquiry: “The NCAA is actively collecting information from the Penn State Special Committee Investigative Counsel during its ongoing investigation to determine our next steps.  … Continue reading

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Erikson Hides, Paterno Hasn’t Been “Fired”- and PSU Still Hasn’t Found Its’ Conscience

Jo Pa Has Not Been Fired. Penn State has not yet Found Its’ Conscience.  Circling the Wagons. Chair Surma plays it Cute. PSU higher-ups play Goldman Sachs. Schultz, Curley, Paterno, the Board: none have suffered any financial disadvantage. None have … Continue reading

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PSU and Mark “Moonshot” Emmert, the Moral Coward: Try Reading Your Own NCAA ByLaws

Here’s Emmert’s latest quote, from an ESPN article : “As the facts are established through the justice system, we will determine whether association bylaws have been violated and act accordingly,” NCAA president Mark Emmert said in a statement Thursday. “To … Continue reading

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