Cut Ties With Nike, Say Georgetown Students Who Just Occupied Pres DeGioia’s Office



In light of sweatshop labor violations defined at the Nike Hansae factory last April, a group  of Georgetown students this morning occupied the school president DeGioia’s office, pressing to have the university cut its ties with Nike. The school’s current contract runs out December 31, 2016. ( Former basketball coach John Thompson Jr. is a member of Nike’s Board of Directors and, according to some reports, current Georgetown basketball head coach John Thompson III has his own direct contract with Nike, apart from his employment contract with Georgetown.)

Nike has refused to agree to  follow the university’ Code of Conduct, even though all other Georgetown licensees have agreed to be bound by it.

The Workers’ Rights Consortium released a new November 2016 report on labor violations at the Hansae apparel factory in Vietnam which employs 8,500 workers. Among the abuses found were: forced overtime, under the guise of ‘voluntary’ work; factory floor temperatures above 90 degrees, in the cool season; workers’ fainting from exhaustion and overheating; degrading restrictions on toilet and bathroom access, including managers photographing employees as they leave and enter.

No public statement has yet been issued by Georgetown President DeGioia. A student rally is scheduled for noon today.


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Daughter Fiona (works for Clinton Fdtn in Capetown, S.A.), with boyfriend Dylan, and Bill Clinton yesterday


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College Lineman Beefing Up May Increase Risk for Hypertension and Heart Problems


According to a recently reported Mass General/Harvard Medical School study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology,  they assessed 87 college freshman football  players, who played between 2008 and 2014, before they started their freshman year. Thirty were linemen;  57 played other positions. All of the players were part of the Harvard Athlete Initiative, an ongoing research project which tracks athletes’ health.

57 percent of the linemen and 51 percent of non-linemen had pre-hypertension upon examination before their freshman year. (Pre-hypertension is a blood pressure reading greater than a normal reading of 120/80.) After their first season, 90 percent of the linemen showed pre-hypertension, while only 49 percent of non-linemen had a blood pressure reading above normal. Continue reading

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KState’s Rich Elder Eunuch Statesman Bill Snyder & the Broken State of College Football



I’m going to criticize Mother Teresa, your elementary-school’s special ed teacher, and the paraplegic Iraqi war vet — all at once — by taking on iconic Kansas State coach Bill Snyder. Continue reading

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Nike, Knight, OSU’s Drake & Gene Smith: An Easy Way to Good Insurance for Nike Player-Promoters


(Video can be found here)

This video shows Knight owner Phil Knight in the Ohio State post-game locker room, after the teams 27-24 overtime victory over Michigan, stating:

“Of the top 25 NCAA teams, Nike supplies twenty of them. And none of these teams are we more proud of than this one.”

Nike makes nothing; it is a middleman, which buys services, by written contract,  from two different sets of production factories. The first set of factories (overseas) makes shoes and apparel. Continue reading

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Protections for Its College Player-Promoters? – Nike’s Cowering in the Locker-Room John


Nike has been hiring college players to promote for them since 1978. Well, not really, uh, hiring, exactly. Sort of  hiring. Well, no. . . it’s actually that the school, like . . . hires . . . well, no sorta, well, just gets the players to do the promotingContinue reading

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Nike and the Power 5 College Player’s Safety: Watch Out for the Locomotive

On October 4, 2014, Washington State quarterback Conor Haliday passed for more yards in a game (734) than any other quarterback in NCAA history. During his career, he had NCAA records for the most passing completions (59) and attempts (89) in one game. But in late October 2014, 290-lb Southern Cal All-American Leonard Williams fell across Haliday’s leg, causing compound fractures so severe that Haliday’s promising career was over.


This wasn’t Haliday’s only injury: two years earlier, he was speared in the chest by a Utah lineman; causing a 9-centimeter liver laceration – the kind of injury most commonly seen only after a gunshot wound or car accident — and spent four days in intensive care.

Continue reading

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Spatting and the Mini-Letter Every College Athlete Must Immediately Send to the AD

Big time college football and basketball players have to immediately protect themselves from NCAA bylaws by writing a simple one-line letter to the athletics director. To illustrate why, first listen-in on this completely fictional 2015 meeting between Nike CEO Mark Parker and his top marketing aide, as they prepared to re-negotiate their contract with the University of Texas:


Parker: Good god, we’ve been paying out millions to these schools, and I’m worried. What if one of these knucklehead players pulls a protest of some kind, announces he’s not gonna wear our shoe? Continue reading

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Biggest NCAA Reform in Two Years Proposes to Gut School Compliance Duty

It is September 2010, and Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel is filling out the ‘Certification of Compliance’ form which NCAA bylaw 18.4.2 mandates that all staff members, (including university presidents) sign each September, to “certify that you have reported through the appropriate individuals on your campus to your chancellor/president any knowledge of violations of NCAA legislation involving your institution.” I”ll call this document the “Little Sensor Certificate,” for reasons I’ll get to in a moment.


Jim Tressel

Tressel ‘Purposely Hid’ Information

Five months earlier, Tressel had received emails from a local lawyer about NCAA violations involving the sale or trade (for tattoos) of OSU memorabilia by players, including star Terrelle Pryor. But Tressel lies, by stating that he has no knowledge of any NCAA violations. And for the next four months he continues to conceal his knowledge, even after being confronted with a U.S. Attorney’s December 11 letter to OSU, reporting on the very same violations. It is only on January 16, 2011, when OSU staffers confronted him with his own emails (which OSU, incredibly, had not searched until then), that Tressel confessed he had been lying all along. In December 2011, the NCAA COI imposed sanctions on OSU and Tressel, finding that he purposely hid” information, and was “not credible,” citing the lie Tressel had put to paper when he signed the September 2010 Little Sensor Certificate. Continue reading

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Kings’ Fans Can Now Bet Against Each Other: Gambling & Data Camels Poke Noses Under Arena Tent

The ever-innovative Sacramento Kings are breaking ahead of the pack again. According to SportTechie’s Mark Burns, (based upon his discussions with Kings’ Chief Tech Officer Ryan Montoya), fans at Kings’ games will be able to take advantage of the team’s ‘Golden 1 Apps,’ which will allow them to get real-time data about “parking, arena lines, player stats, menu items [and] seat upgrades, fan experiences, mobile food ordering and payment.

Innovative, maybe, but not necessarily cutting edge. Continue reading

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