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Ray Rice Video Showed Elevator Punch — But Also Roger Goodell in the Background, with Broom and Shovel

You probably thought that the most important thing about the Ray Rice “second video” was that it exposed what really went on in that elevator. You’re wrong. We knew from the first video that there had to have been a … Continue reading

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Goodell Handled Rice Using His Long-Standing Primary Goal: Just Keep the Lid on It

1. The NFL Sports Hero Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card: Sports heroes like Rice have been getting preferential treatment all their lives, which often includes avoiding criminal prosecution in the same way that Rice did. Rice got a pre-trial “intervention” assignment which allowed … Continue reading

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Ray Rice’s Cold Indifference: His Fist Could’ve Killed His Fiance

My first thought upon watching the stunning video of Ray Rice clobbering his fiance in the elevator had to do with Jack Dempsey’s comment before his Independence Day 1919 heavyweight championship fight in Toledo, Ohio against 245-lb behemoth and Kansas … Continue reading

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Roger Goodell Sucker-Punches Terrelle Pryor, Who’s Still Living by his Wits: The NCAA’s Illegal Disparate Impact

Living by his wits. I am here to sing the praises of Terrelle Pryor.  He’s no saint.  But Pryor’s been living by his wits, for a long time.  Raised without any money, they say.  But since he’s become an Student-Entertainer … Continue reading

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