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Posnanski’s Book-Diorama, Paterno as Shoe ‘Runner’,and the Great 20th Century Sports-Content Grab

Note: This is the first of a two-part review; the second part can be seen at “Posnanski on Paterno: You Can Lead a Whore to Culture, But You Can’t Make Her Think.“ “Don’t underestimate the world. It can corrupt quickly … Continue reading

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Tressel-Paterno-Freeh-Peppers, a 1924 Constitution, and Raggedy-Ann Doll Compliance

  Some remarkable recent revelations about the apparently systematic use of sham “academic” courses by UNC’s basketball and football players over the last decade have prompted head-scratching and exclamation about whether NCAA President Mark Emmert’s “bold” assertion of summary sanction … Continue reading

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Ridpath and the NCAA Profit-Mad-Bull: Amateurish NCAA Regulates Employee-Athletes into Amateur Status

Profit-Mad Bull generates “Fake” NCAA process… No one hurts or plagues the bull… COI Hearing Process as High School Musical… Collusion to Designate a Fall-Guy… NCAA Amateurs Regulate Professionals [Below is the second part of my review of B. David … Continue reading

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#Occupy NCAA Petition

Sign the #OccupyNCAA Petition to NCAA Pres. Mark Emmert, supporting giving Student Athletes an additional $2,000 to cover miscellaneous real costs, at In 1919, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford got fed up.

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OSU’s Gee, Smith Announce: Will Pay OSU Criminal Justice Majors to Spy on OSU Football Players, to Make Sure FB Players Are Not Being Paid

Gee and Smith also consider establishing a whole new category: the “Student-Athlete-Investigator.” Newsflash:  Pee Wee Gee and Gene Smith announced today what President Gee called a “major step forward in keeping these Student-Athletes in line, to make sure they get … Continue reading

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Michigan’s ‘Retro’ Jersey Look: They’re Not “Throwback”, Denard’s Still Working for Free, and David “Branding” Fails to Lead. Wake Up Michigan

They stink. Just a big marketing deception to pry cash out of the pockets of little kids, maybe high school kids, and their parents.  These jerseys have nothing to do with the past, and everything to do with being the … Continue reading

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