EA Sports Coming Back? P5 College SAACs Must Elect a Conference-Wide SAAC Rep, to Sit at the Conference Table


EA Sports is bringing back their college football product, in a manner which will, allegedly, not directly impinge upon any one player’s NIL rights.

That may be true. But college players need to be at the table, now — just to know what is going on. Alot of economic pieces are going to be moving, over the next few months, and years, concerning player ability to use his own Promotional Self (i.e, Name Image and Likeness)

So the Student Athlete Advisory Councils at each Big 10 need to vote, to generate one player — it has to be football, right now — to represent every SAAC from each school. To be at the table.

That table is significant, because it does not, any longer, mean a real table. It means two things: 1) attending Zoom meetings; and 2) being on the conference email distribution list. A football player elected as SAAC conference rep should be involved in both Zoom meetings, but, more importantly, email distribution.

The table is also significant because it is, in the first instance, conference-based. Not NCAA wide.

Why not NCAA-wide? Because six years ago, the NCAA did a hide-in-the-bushes: they removed the NIL waiver from the SAS which every player is required to sign. So every NIL waiver is conference-specific. Contrary to popular belief, then, it is the conference which controls the player’s Promotional Self (NIL).

But, you ask, what if the conference objects to “including” the conference-wide SAAC rep at the Zoom meetings, and in the conference email distribution chain?

Just go back to all the SAAC members at each school, with this specific instruction to each athlete:

“Send an email to your athletics director, which states this:

“I am hereby amending the NIL waiver I signed, to add the proviso that my surrender of NIL rights is contingent upon the conference and school permitting a duly-elected, conference wide representative of every school’s SAAC, be involved in, and have access to, all conference communications.”


[The proposal has roots in the fact that if, for example, all players in a conference completely revoked their NIL waiver, the entire conference would come to a screeching halt: no TV, no videogames. Screeching halt. Players don’t get it (the NCAA does): Collective revocation of all NIL waivers is, right now, the players’ POISON PILL.]

Each conference needs a duly elected SAAC rep at the ‘table’ where the conference considers, negotiates, and makes decisions.

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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