An Open Letter to Michigan AD Warde Manuel and Prez Mark Schlissel: Did You Forget Your Opportunity and Duty to Lead a Longitudinal Covid Study of Big Ten athletes?

Every Power 5 AD is now fussing about what he might possibly ever do about all the messy fuss surrounding player NIL “rights.”

And a few P5 presidents fret about it.

But not one president or AD has bothered to consider the extraordinary opportunity and duty before them: to initiate, lead, and fund a longitudinal study of the effect and incidence of Covid 19 on collegiate athletes. After all, they have broad NIL waivers, which they use to peddle player services, and to feed player digital data to commercial outfits like Nike and others.

But if you are, for example, Michigan president Mark Schlissel (a scientist), why did you not get on the horn to every other Big Ten president, back in July, to suggest a cooperative Covid-19 study, conducted by every school’s medical school, in cooperation with athletic departments?

The collection of data associated with such a study is, in fact, the first, best use of player NIL. But collegiate leaders like Manuel and Schlissel are so thoroughly diverted by the loss of income caused by Covid-19, as to be blinded by their opportunity.

Every med school and athletic department in the Big 10 should combine to fund and conduct this kind of study. Their distraction may now have lost them the opportunity to conduct such a study in football, but not basketball.

Warde Manuel. Mark Schlissel. Do you have any interest in a broad, well-funded, longitudinal study of Big 10 basketball player Covid exposure and symptoms?

About brewonsouthu

lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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