AD’s, Paid Like Egyptian Pharoahs, Plan Sunny Pow-Wow to Figure How to Save Empire

These AD’s are out of control. They’ve announced, as they call it, a “sunny” pow-wow, “by AD’s, for AD’s,” of what they grandly call a “Collegiate Sports Summit,” to take place April 16-17, at the Fairmount Miramar Hotel and Bungalows in Santa Monica.

The headliners are (among others) Penn State’s Barbour, UNC’s Cunningham, Notre Dame’s Swarbrick, and UDub’s Jennifer Cohen.

Why is this so ‘Private?

The first question: why is this at all necessary, and who is paying for it? Don’t these same ostensible leaders of college sports have their very own trade group, answerable to nobody, to promote their own interests, which is called LEAD1. And isn’t LEAD1 fabulously funded by corporate interests (DHR International, ESPN, EverFi, Private Jet Services, VitoVio, Paciolan (a Learfield Co.), Fiesta Bowl, Learfield, MintzLevin, Tailgate Guys, Viscis, Nike, MG12, Anthony Travel, GoGround, Sidearm Sports (Div of Learfield)?

And if they do, why is this confab — described as “your private, invitation-only gathering, designed by ADs, for ADs, [as] your chance to connect with peers, get up-to-speed on the hottest trends and tackle today’s top challenges in a transparent, forthright forum” — at all necessary? Aren’t most of these people of considerable self-importance actually public employees? If so, why the emphasis on a “private, invitation-only gathering”? Wasn’t that what their own ‘private’ LEAD1 trade group was all about when it met in September, with its Washington lobbyist?

Who is Paying for All This?

Second: who is paying for this? Are not all athletic departments starving for cash, having to spend on all the many things which these AD’s deem necessary? And aren’t these AD’s all shelling out big buck to pay for a big-number ex-Congressman like Tom McMillen to serve as their very own K-Street lobbyist?

This ‘Private’ Confab Needs Ten College BKB and FB Players

What’s up with this meeting?  And could it not benefit substantially from the presence of ten big-time college football and basketball players, who can give these wise men and women some input, as they deliberate about a fate which will impact, most primarily and directly, upon those extraordinarily valuable football and basketball player-assets?

This is a question for all those “leaders” who are members of LEAD1: why do you need another warm-weather pow-wow?  Weren’t you just in D.C., in an effort to gather to influence legislators, on behalf of only your own personal financial interests, in September? What possibly could warrant the $5-10 grand per AD AD cost? And are you convinced that only you can provide competent answers to the questions which now plague college sports?



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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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