Why Every College Head Coach Should be Using His Wife’s Cell Phone

The California Supreme Court has just ruled, consistent with the trend of cases from other jurisdictions, that government business conducted on personal cell phones, personal emails, or other devices, generates a public record, which is subject to a freedom of information request.

What does this have to do with big-time college sports? It reinforces what Butch Davis was told, at the time he was head football coach at Carolina: public business is public business, subject to a FOIA request, whether that business is conducted on a cell phone paid by the head coach’s employer, or paid for by the coach himself.

Good coaches play dip-and-dodge, to avoid scrutiny. So if you are a good, wary head coach, at a big-time, public ‘program,’ get yourself a burner phone, or a phone which is under your wife’s name, to do all of your business as a head coach. It’s not iron-clad, but you will make it much harder for anyone to get at the substance of your emails, texts, or other communications, long after the fact.


About brewonsouthu

Michigan and Big Ten fan, former lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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