Remember: Michigan Gave Joe Parker a “Letter of Reprimand” On His Way Out

There are those who now bandy about names as potential candidates to fill the Michigan AD positions: Warde Manuel of UConn, Brad Bates at BC, Jeff Long at Arkansas.

And some people dangle the name Joe Parker, now the Deputy AD at Texas Tech. Remember: Parker received a “letter of reprimand” pertaining to his entirely passive, if not AWOL role in the events which led to Michigan being sanctioned by the NCAA for having used too many coaches, and too much practice time, during the several years after Rich Rodriguez was hired at Michigan.

The Michigan briefs filed with the NCAA disingenuously attempted to bag Compliance Director Judy Van Horn as being the entirely culpable person as regards the practice and coach time violation, when there was, in fact, almost no evidence to support that conclusion. It was only after the NCAA sanctions came down, in fact, that the Michigan athletics department then moved to sanction Joe Parker, and a few others, by issuing a “letter of reprimand” which was based upon Parker’s obvious long-standing knowledge of, and passive reaction to, the ongoing practice and coach time violations.

Parker was, literally, Martin’s “right hand man.” Martin took over responsibility for all the practice and coach time issues in March of 2009, and proceeded to do absolutely nothing about them, other than to play Assistant Compliance Staffer Ann Vollano for a fool, by making Vollano believe that Brad Labadie and others, who were Martin’s minions, would be filing the practice-time records in May, prior to a university audit, when, in fact, circumstances made it clear that Martin (and Labadie) had no intention of filing any records (because they knew that any such records would have had to be fabricated, after-the-fact re-creations.)  Martin (who also received a “letter of reprimand,” himself engineered a nine-month plan to cover-up the violations, when those violations had been made plain to him in January 2009. Martin’s cover-up plan worked, until some exasperated person leaked Martin’s scheme to the press in August, and the Freep published all the damning evidence.

Parker scooted to Texas Tech, after the “letter of reprimand” was plopped in his file.

Is this the person Michigan now wants to bring in to generate a “clean slate?”

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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