If UM President Schlissel Sits in Student Section at Tomorrow’s Indiana Game, He Becomes a National Folk Hero

Former Michigan AD David Brandon

Former Michigan AD David Brandon

Though the NCAA purports to hold as one of its core values the “integration” of college athletics into the student body, most students now know that this “value” is merely a cover for the mercantile, for-profit motive which has consumed college sports.

Michigan’s new President Dr. Mark Schlissel, who has been on the job only 110 days, looked like Tom Brady in the pocket, reading all the coverages, in his press conference today, announcing the well-received resignation of AD David Brandon.

Michigan President Dr. Mark Schlissel

Michigan President Dr. Mark Schlissel

Dr. Schlissel now has a rare opportunity: at tomorrow’s Indiana game at the Big House, he needs to go sit in the Student Section during the first half. The resulting goodwill, amongst a student body which not only was treated as a mere retail customer by Brandon, but then rose up — in a manner not seen on any campus, anywhere, within the last four decades — to insist on Brandon’s removal, would be extraordinary. Schlissel is poised to lead, and can seal his emerging role as an advocate for students, academics, and “balance” in college athletics by taking a seat in the Student Section, and leading a round of ‘The Victors.’

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