Notre Dame ‘Academic 5″ Case Shows Why Player Accused of Academic Violation Should Revoke FERPA Waiver

It’s been almost two months since  Notre Dame first disclosed that a group of players were suspected of academic impropriety, and that Honor Code investigations and proceedings were ongoing. Schools typically are quite tight-lipped about many topics, including player injuries, so that Notre Dame’s chattiness about charges which were entirely unproven was puzzling.

Notre Dame appears to have done its homework now, since the school just announced yesterday that the results of the investigations would not be released by the school to the public. The players involved should have, once notified that suspensions was going to happen, immediately informed the school that the FERPA waiver which they executed as a part of the “Student-Athlete Statement” which they sign each year was revoked — which would make clear to the school that it had no authority to release any information about the charges.

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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