NBA Players’ Association Must Hire Don Fehr Now

This is the most important thing that the NBAPA will ever do. They need to move beyond the cloistered, home-boy environment which they knew as teenagers, and hire the brightest, most effective players’ association executive director which American sports have ever known (with the exception of Marvin Miller) whose name is Donald Fehr. Yes, he’s working for the NHL players. And yes, the NBAPA would need to pay him, very well.  But he’s worth every penny, and they need to do it immediately.

Just look at the contracts he did — guaranteed contracts — for MLBPA.  Fehr is a genius, and the NBAPA need him badly.  Owners in every sport know about Don Fehr. It’s only the players who are not sufficiently well-informed, with the exception of Blake Griffin, who “gets it”.  The minute that Fehr is hired, the owners will cower. And then, watch out.

And the amazing thing? Fehr is completely honest. And he’s so good, it drives the owners nuts. Look up the history of the last NHL players’ association negotiations; the first thing the owners did was go after Fehr, by claiming they would not negotiate with him in the room. That went nowhere, because the NHL players knew that the NHL owners were negotiating buffoons, when compared to Fehr.

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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