Calling the Paterno’s Bluff: Why Didn’t You Produce Joe’s Daily Calendar? And All the Other Boxes of His Docs?

Dick Thornburgh

As I pointed out in my earlier post, the ‘Paterno Report’ released yesterday is not what it appeared to be. And former AG Dick Thornburgh, in his ostensibly objective review, complained loudly about the Freeh Report not having made available all documents which Freeh had reviewed, and all information about all witnesses interviewed.

Yet Mr. Thornburgh and Wink Sollars, the Paterno’s “personal” attorney, both conveniently fail to mention that the Paternos have in their unique possession a potential treasure trove of documents or other evidence that, most likely, have never been seen by Louis Freeh and, possibly, any other law enforcement personnel.

Jo Pa’s daily calendar of events, and other documents in his daily files would very likely tell us alot about when Jo Pa met with the other characters apparently directly involved in the coverup: Messrs. Spanier, Curley and Schultz.

For anyone — including Attorneys Thornburgh and Sollers – to make the best possible review of all the evidence, the Paternos need to release those documents.

Should we assume that, because the ‘Paterno Report’ omitted any reference to, or attachment of, those documents, that they would only damage the Paterno “cause?”

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