UMiami and NCAA: Shapiro’s Attorney Denies Wrongdoing, Finds Emmert ‘Shocking’ Claim Very ‘Suspicious’

As I suggested in my post yesterday, Mark Emmert has inappropriately jumped the gun — since he lacks (we know from the summary hammer he slammed down on Penn State) any comprehension of the elements of due process.  He should have kept his mouth shut, and waited until the results of the very investigation he requested are brought back to him.

Now the attorney involved, who represents Shapiro in his bankruptcy proceeding, is asserting she did nothing wrong, (Shapiro attorney says she did nothing wrong in NCAA’s Miami probe), and goes so far as to state:

“I don’t know what it’s all about and I find this very suspicious,” she said. “And I’m starting to believe they want to intentionally botch this investigation for reasons I can only imagine are monetary.”

As I said a day ago (‘Loopy Emmert Jumps Gun Again, Says Miami NCAA Investigation ‘Shocking’ – So It Probably Isn’t’), if Emmert claims it’s all “shocking”, that’s prima facie evidence that it’s not.  And as I previously indicated, based on the facts made available so far, it’s by no means clear that the NCAA violated its’ procedural or substantive rules. Hold onto your socks, everyone.

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