Nobody Has Explained Why Javon Belcher Did Not Play in the Last Chief’s Game Preceding His Murder-Suicide

Deadspin broke a story yesterday (Friend: Belcher “Was Dazed, Suffering From Short-Term Memory Loss” After Last Start; Alcohol, Painkillers, Domestic Tensions Played Role In Murder-Suicide) which, though anonymously sourced was apparently based upon a series of emails from a friend of Belcher’s who purported to have had some fairly intimate details about the events which preceded the murder-suicide.

And the story gave us the first suggestion that the press has encountered, in its’ first wave of reporting, the kind of somewhat thoroughly-scrubbed and Chloroxed version of background facts and events which commonly issues with high-visibility, celebrity-related events. The anonymous emailer suggests that Belcher had been: 1) drinking heavily and consistently for weeks; 2) medicating with prescription drugs; and 3) battling with the girlfriend and mother of his child who he murdered.

Those facts may be true; as told, they have a strong ring of truth. But the story alludes, without explanation,  to the fact that had Belcher sat out — for the first time all season — from the Chief’s November 25 game.

No one has explained this. In fact, I can find no evidence that anyone in the press has even bothered to inquire of anyone with Chief’s management, as to the reason for this sudden and uncharacteristic “sit-out” by Belcher on Nov. 25.

The broad suggestion is that Belcher was a very troubled man. But it appears as though the press has, to date, given Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli – and other members of the Chief’s management, a pass, by not pressing for more information about the reasons for Belcher’s failure ot participate in the last game played by the Chiefs before the double-murder. What gives?


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Michigan and Big Ten fan, former lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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