Deadspin (Dead on Arrival) Falsely Reports that McNair “won” suit vs. NCAA

In its’ story dated Dec.1 entitled, “Judge: The NCAA Went “Over The Top” In Its Investigation Of USC’s Todd McNair Because Of “Ill Will Or Hatred, Deadspin informs us that former USC Coach Todd McNair has “won” his breach of contract, slander and libel lawsuit he filed in 2011 against the NCAA.

Which is just plain wrong. McNair won a pretrial motion, which had been filed to dismiss his lawsuit. The judge ruled that enough evidence had been filed to allow the lawsuit to avoid preliminary dismissal.  McNair hasn’t, by any stretch of any [non-Deadspin] imagination, won any trial.

In fact, this is just horrible reporting. (About admittedly horrible NCAA investigator behavior.) But Deadspin has got it all wrong. But at least they managed to generate a [purported] “news” story without their usual resort to puerile 8th-grader “humor” reliant upon hackneyed references to human genitalia, flatus, or buttocks.

About brewonsouthu

lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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