Jill Kelley Ain’t No Party Planner; She and Broadwell are CIA. And they both probably had General Sex

Jill Kelley’s Twin, CIA Director Patraeus, Dr. Kelley, Jill Kelley, Mrs. Patreaus

This is not a sex scandal. The press circles around, and gets all tumescent. But it’s not primarily a sex scandal. Is there sex going on? Of course. We know, I suppose, that Patraeus and Broadwell were entwined. But that’s all we know.

We’ve been leaked, from anonymous sources, a little bit more. Some suggestion that Broadwell is in a hissy-jealousy-fit, allegedly because Jill Kelly (we are told, by the whispering anonymous source) was seen by Broadwell with her hand, under the table, on Petraeus’ leg. And some other anonymous source, whispering about a “shirt-off” photo sent by the FBI agent brought in by Kelly. And then some other anonymous whispers about how the emails between Gen Allen and Kelly weren’t “all that bad”, maybe a little “flirtatious.”

Get a grip, American public. What we are now seeing is evidence of a working business relationship amongst and between Gen. Patraeus, Gen. Allen, Jill Kelly and Ms. Broadwell. And that business which they all shared was ….. national security… counterinsurgency…. military and CIA secrets. Why do I say this?

Ask yourself one question:  How did Ms. Broadwell know (if it’s even true) that Jill Kelly had her hand on Gen. Patraeus’ leg? Where were they? How did Broadwell and Kelly know each other? How well did they know each other? Did they do business together? For how long?

What you have seen unfold is a furious, unrelenting effort on the part of the Obama Administration to keep the lid on this “business” conducted amongst these four characters, and others. I am guessing that — just as Nixon “kept the lid on” Watergate-related events, prior to the 1972 election, – Obama has avoided some very profound national security scandal, which might have even changed the outcome of the election, had the information become public before last Tuesday.

And now, all those whispers from all those anonymous sources? — whether Broadwell’s alleged “close friend”, or a “Senior US official” — those are all part of a very strong, if not desperate, effort on the part of the Obama Administration to keep the lid on a scandal which could blow sky high.

I know I am extrapolating from few data, but this is the best interpretation of what we have right now:

1) If Jill Kelly received 30,000 pages of documents from General Allen, then their relation was NOT only sexual. They were business partners, who engaged in some common, and still publicly poorly defined effort, which most likely had to do with advancing U.S. strategic interests in the middle east, probably through Kelley’s work with the CIA.

2) Jill Kelly and her twin sister avoided national security and international diplomacy/spying work as much as Martha Stewart avoided insider trading. These two were valuable women, who worked with Allen — and most likely, Patraeus — to further some significant U.S. international relations interests. Let me say it again: Jill Kelley ain’t no volunteer party planner.

3) Jill Kelley and her twin both are in very difficult financial straits, leaving them subject to all manner of influence, financial or otherwise, within the high-flying, high-pressure international security circles in which they ran.

4)  Ms. Broadwell was CIA.  She admits, in her October 26 forty-five minute speech at University of Denver, that her ambition (oh, her ambition, it shines off that forehead, rockets and mirrors back around those biceps) was to become THE NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR.  She had a position at the Tufts School of Diplomacy, funded by a right-winger named Jepson, which focused on “proper” positioning of Israeli interests by the U.S.  She met Petreaus six years ago, at Harvard, and spent two years with him in the Mid-East — but we are to believe that their “affair” was conducted only Stateside, after he’d left his Afghan command. Remember this: Broadwell was CIA.  Yes, she was writing a book (some contend it was “ghost-written” for her) — but that’s a good cover for CIA work, particularly when her background and training is in counter-insurgency work.

5)  These events are a potential major — no, cataclysmic – stain on all U.S. international relations for the last decade, with potential impact commensurate with the Bush Administration’s fallout WMD-intelligence falsehoods. Both of our Afghanistan “high commanders” — Patraeus, and his “second in command” until he left for the States — Allen, are implicated. And Allen was set to take over command of all NATO forces — forces which had always been cobbled together by way of U.S. strong-arming. Obama and his men are petrified about both the potential for disintegration of the fragile (and antiquated) NATO alliance, but also the extent to which our military is subject to international ridicule. (I voted for Obama, and with some conviction.)

What we’ve seen in the last 24 hours is a result of a paroxysm of Obama Administration pressure. I am guessing that the word has gone out — to the FBI, the CIA, the Joint Chiefs, and any other agencies — that all communications are to go through the White House.  Panetta, the Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of State Clinton, have both fled, to Australia, to avoid the heat.

Go look at that video of Ms. Broadwell speaking at the University of Denver on October 26, (I’ve since posted a written outline of those remarks, which can be scanned in five minutes) and listen to her astonishing assertion — an assertion made nowhere else, by anyone — that Libyan prisoners had been shipped to the CIA annex in Benghazi, and that those prisoners were there at the time of the attack which killed our ambassador, and that the attack was pointed toward freeing those prisoners.  Ask yourself:

1. How did she know that?

2. If she had been interviewed by the FBI on October 21 (not the first interview), and admitted then to an affair with Patraeus, why was she so calmly and brazenly laying out these astonishing facts about what happened in Bengahzi on September 11?

3. Was she confident at the time (view the tape yourself), that she was impervious to criticism or attack, for relaying these astonishing facts? And if she was, why was she so confident?

4. Is her father right, that there is “alot more to come out” on this story?

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