Today’s WAG [Wild-Assed-Guess]: Freeh and Emmert AGREED on Need for ‘Leak” to Prod Probe of PSU Assistants

Now the Freeh Group disclaims any connection with the “leak” evident in today’s Brad Wolverton ‘Chronicle of Higher Education” article.

But Louie doesn’t seem too worried about it. He didn’t even deny it himself – it’s just a generic, passive-voice denial by “the Freeh Group”. No one seems worked up about it – and there have been no vows to track down the leak and punish.

Today’s WAG [Wild-Assed-Guess]: Louie Freeh and Mark Emmert talked. Emmert realizes now he needs to “go in” and investigate more. Louie agrees he could’ve done more, and that he might’ve jumped the gun, made some pretty harsh conclusions before he should’ve. So they agree: let’s prep the public for the NCAA’s upcoming investigation of its’ own.

Solution: Freeh leaks that NCAA needs to do more work, go take statements, investigate, maybe jump start the formal NCAA Enforcement/Committee on Infractions process.

[Note: if you have any information about this issue — the amount or timing of knowledge of Sandusky’s predations on the part of PSU Assistants or Administrators, fee free to shoot me an email at And sign up to prescribe to my blog posts by clicking on the link.]

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