PSU and the Aftershocks: JoPa Threw AD, VP, and Prez Under the Bus, and the Hits Just Keep on Comin’

The next big PSU aftershock has registered: Former AD Tim Curley’s 2001 email suggests that Curley, VP Schultz, and President Spanier all knew what to do, upon receiving report that Mike McQueary witnessed Sandusky in the Lasch Building showers with a 10 year old boy, and had decided upon a tentative course of action to report the event to police, state and Second Mile authorities — but that, after he talked with Paterno, Curley changed his mind, and recommended solely a report to Second Mile (which is all that happened.)  So the three men got talked out of doing what they knew they should do — by the man whose statute sits outside the stadium.

Now this is (as the Paterno Family’s hyperventilated press release asserts) just one email out of many, so that final opinions ought be withheld for now. (The Paternos demand that all emails be released immediately; presumbly this appeal to transparency would similarly cause them to conclude that they ought to release JoPa’s 2001 Appointment Book in their possession — to allow cross-checking to confirm the Curley/Paterno meeting where Paterno apparently convinced his protege Curley to back away from reporting Sandusky to the police and the state.)

So we’re still dealing with an incomplete deck of evidence. But the new Curley email bombshell suggests only one of two things: 1) Paterno personally directed a scheme to coverup Sandusky’s bad deed; or 2) Curley’s email contains a fabricated lie, meant to later falsely implicate his hero-boss Paterno, in the coverup scheme.

The second interpretation is highly unlikely because of Curley’s status as a Paterno acolyte, but also because the parties to the decision (Curley, Schultz, Spanier and Jo Pa) were presumably going to be interacting and conversing frequently about this crisis and other issues during the days and weeks after the email; had Curley made up out of thin air this conversation with Paterno, he had a high likelihood of being found out —  and issued right straight out the door by Paterno for such a blatant act of subordination. So I’m rejecting this second interpretation.

Assuming the truth of the first interpretation, stop and think about what it means: Jo Pa decided to coverup, and not report Sandusky, insisted that his “effective” underlings follow his direction, and then, years later, in 2011 and 2012, threw Curley, Schultz and Spanier under the bus, by insisting very publicly that he knew and did “nothing more” after reporting the McQueary event to Curley. Just imagine, for a moment, the thoughts running through the minds of Curley, Schultz and Spanier over these past months, something to the effect of:

 that sanctimonious, double-crossing coward: he directs us in 2001 — against our better instincts — to bury the McQueary bombshell — and then has the audacity to later lie about his involvement, after we’ve been indicted for perjury while trying to protect him!

But this new Curley email, and the thumping Sandusky convictions, are just the first of more Big Hits coming. Remember, the Freeh Report is due out in August — or at least some form of it, since there remains a more than high liklihood that some laundered version is all that the PSU Board will allow to be released.

And the Feds have subpoenaed every possible PSU document.

So there is an avalanche of new evidence to come, all of which will, I am esitimating, further tatter the Paterno reputation.

In the meantime, note carefully the statement issued by the PSU BOT after the Sandusky verdicts, in which they invited victims to settlement negotiations: the invitation, it is not insignificant to note, emphasized that those would be “private.”  Yes, private discussions help those subjects of Sandusky abuse — but that’s not all that the “old-boy” BOT is referring to, because so many of the BOT (and  the “new” PSU administrators) were on the scene over the many years that the Sandusky coverup took place and are terrified that many of them will be shown to have been complicit. These “old boy” administrators and BOT desperately they want to quickly throw huge sums at these victims in order to protect themselves and their cronies from any such discovery of their complicity.

This is just one more reason why PSU stills needs to clean house: in effect, its’ own administrators will be seeking to use public money — much as Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick did — to “pay off” (with inordinately large sums of money) victims in order to protect the covering-up wrongdoing of the current PSU Board and administrators.  So let’s be clear: those Board members and administrators, if they had ANY knowledge of the events and the coverups, are right now in a position of conflict of interest between their own interest in avoiding blame, and the public’s interest in full and complete airing of all facts before settlements are undertaken.

In the meantime, the hits will keep on coming, there’s no singing fat lady anywhere near the horizon, and the institution’s still out of control.

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