Bird-Words From Nerds: Greatest Tweets at Sloan Sports Analytics Conf.

Below is a highly subjective listing of “Greatest Tweets” sent during last-weekend’s (March 2-3) outstanding MIT Sloan School Sports Analytics Conference. This “select” list is by no means random; but I make no representations about the quality, provenance, accuracy (or lucidity) of any tweet quoted below. They’re jeezly tweets, for chrissakes. Some are from attendees. Some quote particpants on panels. Some pass judgment on one or more panels; some trash panels or panel participants. Some complain about the lines to rest rooms.
           And I’ve decided to submit all of them to my own ongoing 2012 Greatest Tweets “Watch List.”  (For tweets, I mean – I think I’ll leave it to some other blogger to watch rest rooms.)  If you have any of your own “Greatest Tweets”, on any topic, feel free to send them on here.  Several quick arbitrary rules:  1) No “hopping on” tweets. (“Am just hopping on Houston’s WSOL to talk about blah-blah;  2) No “I Worship You” tweets, of which there are many variations; and  3) No tweets which resemble OSU’s President Elwood Gee’s, (@President Gee), whose relentlessly insipid tweets sound more like a high school DeeJay than college president.    

Top Tweets From Sloan Sports Analytics

Best:  Does #SSAC explain how multiplication works?, because I never really got that in grade school
Second Best: knicksareback89 Not often you wait in the bathroom line next to a GM, head of espn, and a giant bear . [Ed. note: Bruins sent their mascot, if you can believe it.]

Suggestion for next year: make the IT support staff wear ref jerseys, like the employees at Foot Locker carlycarioli
Home team FT shooters experience a significant decline in percentage as the importance of points increased
There is a serious lack of outlets in this convention center. Media circling the rooms like dingos. jefflind
knicksareback89 Not often you wait on the bathroom line next to a gm, head of espn, and a giant bear
Skipper on media piracy: “We have no intention of happening to us what happened to the music business.”
John Skipper just asked if MLB players can tweet between innings. That would be AWESOME….or a big mistake.
ESPN deal to show ESPN3 directly on Facebook walls is the future of media. Need to be partners with the digital innovators
The Internet cannot currently support TV audience volumes. If 29 million people tune in to an NFL game, feeds slow to a crawl.
“It’s just a screen, quit calling it a TV, phone, computer, etc.” John Skipper, President #ESPN
Skipper says 1/3 of ESPN video audience watches on screen other than regular TV.
There is lots of great research at #SSAC but it’s not always actionable for sports insiders. Robert Ayer’s work is very actionable.
One of the best things to come out of #SSAC so far was the metrics of Wendy’s Double Stack vs. a McDouble. #okiamhungry peachtreehoops
New at @Harvard_Sports: Analyzing Metta World Peace’s halftime drinking’s effect on his free throw accuracy:  John Eskowitz
Apple rumored to bid on EPL media rights.. thoughts on non-traditional players like Apple entering sports media?
Steph ‏ @mybruinsOfacewhere are people watching this panel ssac thing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Ryan Becker ‏ @Ryan__John  The only place in the world where there is a lengthy line for the men’s restroom and not one for the women’s is at @SloanSportsConf
I think the early winners from #SSAC are Adam Silver and Brian Burke, who basically slammed stars nerds.
So @ScottONeil_MSG just confirmed that MSG maintains a database of all its fans that interact digitally.
David Gill from Man U- “MLS will not be internationally competitive in my lifetime”.
Gill & Pagliuca discuss differences in spectator culture. At EPL games fans stay seated throughout; all seated at start of 2nd half.
knicks —Scott ONeil thinks season tickets may become a thing of the past
RT @Hoopisms: I have to be honest I go to Basketball games DESPITE the attractions and in arena antics
Buss: When out of towners visit LA, “there’s only one place that, if you take them, you know you will see a celebrity: a Laker game.”
Buss says some stars attending with “someone other than their spouse” ask to not be on the floor. They accommodate. Put em in a box.
Schuckers rambling at Burke and Chiarelli reminds me how half the problem is that stats guys don’t know how to talk to non-stats guys    Benjamin Morris
Brian Burke: “This whole Moneyball thing aggravates me anyway. … It’s boring baseball. It’s horseshit.
“Stats are like a lamppost to a drunk, useful for support but not illumination”. – Brian Burke
The amount of humble brags being thrown around is mind blowing
RT @ddcoletti: Steve Pagliuca said Red Auerbach advice was “draft instigators not retaliators..& no cheerleaders”. Words to live by

Can’t find the hangover analytics panel so sports betting will have to do
Day 2 of Sloan Analytics Conference: these people don’t look hung over enough
StubHub’s Maged: Teams use Dynamic Pricing “up” but not “down”
NFL will be building smaller stadiums from now on to create sell-out atmosphere for fans. Marathe: “Draft picks are whole sale, and free agency is retail” Interesting angle
“A lot of baseball’s conventional wisdom becomes silly at age 13.” – Bill James
Marathe: Inflexible contrax while players good. Incentive based when decline. Interesting in light of yesterday’s “partnership” theme
Marathe: Reverse is happening in draft with new CBA. Top 5 picks now have ton of value which is why Rams are shopping #2 pick.
Marathe – With new CBA , a fixed dollar amounts for first round pick, so now there’s a ton of value for first five picks in the draft.
Handicapper Bob Stoll on losing streaks, “they say, what’s goin on? And I say, variance is goin on”.
Ticketmaster’s @Coleg13 at #SSAC: “The popularity of luxury suites is waning.” Ripples of the recession or changing biz behavior?
Marathe on draft process: Best predictor of performance is the flying 20 (20-40 yd in 40 yd dash). Rice had all time best score. Wow.
Wifi infrastructure limitations hurting fan experience
This season Atlanta hawks have seen a 5x increase in ticket transfers by season ticketholders through online channels
Scouts grade players on selfless-ness, bc they can bring out the best of 5 guys around him. Analytics and Tebow, unuseful
During a game social media activity increases: 2x facebook updates & foursquare check-ins, 7x twitter activity
Marathe: average team: 60 starter games are missed per season. That equates to 4 starters missing the entire year.
Bill Barnwell calls Mark Sanchez the most overrated player in NFL.
Bill barnwell: Justin smith is the most underrated player in the nfl
Best time for fans to buy tix? 20 minutes before the game. It’s a perishable product. — Danielle Maged, StubHub’s biz dev VP
Tweeter B Morris; Panel idea for next year: Analytics Analytics. In which expected impact (e.g. freq*importance) of various approaches are analyzed.
Forese: only 6% of total entertainment spend is on live events
Drew Carey: “Frankly, a lot of owners don’t care if they win or not. They’re just in it to make money. … It’s all just P.R
Bill James “An unloaded gun always loses a gun battle”
Team with the better QBR since ’08 is 888-135-1
Drew Carey on Sounders’ success: benefited huge from the Sonics leaving. It’s like dating a hot chick who had an abusive boyfriend
70% of NFL injuries occur during practice
McCann   McCann: Leagues and PAs will have to deal with treatments performed abroad. Are they performance enhancers or health enhancers?
Anthea: Only hat RT @Number5TypeCard: @SloanSportsConf “Best Hat” trophy goes to @ESPN’s John Walsh and his black fedora.
Mark Verstegen says new practice rules in NFL CBA can save an athlete “10,000-15,000 hits per year.” Cumulative effect changes big
“According to data, the pitchers are better off throwing pitches they throw well than they are trying to confuse the batter.” Unique
Funny as hell:!/BorowitzReport/status/175978821466599424/photo/1   re clinton pygmy
John Brenkus on the issue of doctors misdiagnosing concussions: “A lot of people aren’t as educated as you think they are
Carey on player culture: We have a “no asshole” rule
Exclusive: Chelsea to use private investigators in future to follow players before they sign to check which night clubs they go to 😉
Verstegen of Athletes’ Performance urges caution in handling of youth pitchers. Should never be throwing more pitches than MLB P’s.
Is anyone actually paying attention to the speakers at the conference or just tweeting about it?
Verstegen says “sleep is the magic pill.” Athletes Performance studies both quantity and quality of nightly sleep
RT @Adam_Jacobi: Does #ssac explain how multiplication works because I never really got that in grade school    sleep score
Esports will be the #1 sport in the world – Daryl Morey, Houston Rockets GM.
Hilarious how many #ssac conversations go: “That’s interesting, but I continue to believe this other thing I have no evidence for.”
FINALLY, @SloanSportsConf gets it right. They’re playing Led Zeppelin’s “Fool In the Rain.”
#SSAC Tim Brosnan with the first ever silver lining on length of baseball games. “we call it leisure time to use social media”
John Walsh: ESPN will broadcast more live events in March than CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX combined for the year
Walsh: Obama privacy bill might affect the tracking of fans at sporting events.
MLB’s Tim Brosnan says social media “is the water cooler now,” and league needs to use it more to communicate directly with fans.
MLB’s Tim Brosnan said info on their product sent fan to fan is 27 times more valuable than if they send a fan an ad
Concussion dude Chris Nowinski: “It was ridiculous to see Kobe Bryant back in three days after he was concussed.
I don’t want people looking down, I want people contributing to the energy. – Mark Cuban on wifi in stadiums

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