Michigan Big Ten Champs! — And Link to BEST Drinking Song Chorus, Ever, for Anyone

Congrats to Michigan Basketball, Big Ten Champs 2012! And two of the grittiest UM guys ever, Stu Douglass and Zack Novak.  Below is one of your predecessor teams,  the U of M 1965 BT Champs.

Left to R, Front Row: Dennis Bankey, John Thompson, Coach Dave Strack (drinking Nesbitt’s Orange), Geo. Pomey, Asst. Coach Dave Skala; Second Row: Frosh Coach Tom Jorgensen, Charlie Adams (up back), Van Tillotson (further upback), Jim Myers (hidden), Oliver Darden, Larry Tregoning, Craig Dill, John Clawson, Cazzie Russell, Bill Buntin, (Unknown), Dan Brown

The reason I post this is that Zack Novak has always reminded me of John Clawson (who played on the U.S. Olympic team) —  and Douglass, at least in character, is so much like Larry Tregoning.
And if you Maize and Blue fans need a good song to sing tonight, here’s  the U of M Glee Club singing (in Ann Arbor’s elegant Alfred Kahn-designed Hill Auditorium), ‘The Friars‘ (or here, for another version)— the best drinking song chorus ever written – bar none – and the lyrics are not restricted to Michigan fans —  it’s just a tremendous chorus for any group to sing. (Be patient with the overly operatic first few lines, wait for the chorus):

Let sordid folks their sordid ways of duties go at tending,
Let money grubbing tradesmen mean their narrow life go spending,
While we who scarce can clothe our backs, can look on them with pity,
What know they of the joys of life, What lass would call them witty!


So… Drink! Drink! Joy rules the day, Who will have thought of the ‘morrow?
Drink! Drink! Hearts are all gay, Who has the time now for sorrow?
Sing! Sing! Ev’ryone join, All raise your voices in line,
Our own brotherhood, So carefree and good,
Oh! Here’s to your health, lads, and mine.

William A. Diekema [Text: Robert G. Beck, Class of 1913], from the 1913 Michigan Union Opera “Contrairie Mary”

Congrats to the Maize and Blue, 2012!! Go Blue!

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