Sloan Sports Conf: Bill James Gets Award for Being FatherTime and the Dalai Lama

Bill James: “It is old people that win the awards, but young people that make the world better.  This sounds like something George Bush Sr. would read off a teleprompter. I mean, really. The more I hear him talk, the more it sounds like he thinks everything he says is going to — at least at some point in the future —  be inscribed on a wall of polished marble, like the Vietnam Memorial.  But, you need to know, James is a guy about who Tweeters exclaim breathlessly, “OMG, I just shook Bill James’ hand!       See Selected Tweets below: 

No comment.  The Tampa Bay Rays just took home the award for best analytics use by a team.

Research paper: Goldberry was robbed. His shooting data is sick. But the USC team’s rebounding algorithm was pretty hot.

@StarStreet wins the @SloanSportsConf trade show contest! Congrats @JerLevine @jasonparadise !

After the #SSAC join – Sports Information & Statistics Linkedin Group – – over 1000 members in the industry worldwide.

Bill James given lifetime achievement award in analytics at #SSAC

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Michigan and Big Ten fan, former lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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