Sloan Sports – James and Simmons, The Live B.S. Report

MIT Sloan Sports Conf, Friday March 2, 2012. Afternoon.  The Live B.S. Report.  Bill Simmons and Bill James.  James’ top quote, for budding Sports Analytics types:  “You have to know something that no one else knows.” [This might show how “‘80’s James is — isn’t the lesson of the Internet that you: a)  don’t need to “know it”, you just need to know it’s there, where to find it, and be able to pull it all into the big picture? But then, what do I know?]

Selected Tweets below:

“There are lots of opportunities now but you have to know something that not everyone else knows…” Bill James

“We have taken a bucket of knowledge out of an ocean of ignorance.”

Joe Johnson appears on list of best league shooters from spatial perspective. Related: Analytics plummet into the ocean.

“A lot of baseball’s conventional wisdom becomes silly at age 13.” – Bill James on beginnings of his interest in stats

Bill James: I used my life to study baseball, not the things I was supposed to study

Job advice for would-be sports analytical types from Bill James: “You have to know something that no one else knows.” [this shows how ‘80’s he is]

James says A’s were using his analysis in the 90’s before Billy Beane

James: We overuse the term “cheating” like there was due process for substance use.

James on steroids in MLB, pre-testing: “I don’t see it as cheating. They simply wanted to be better baseball players.”

Bill James:”In a trial, you have thousands of facts but don’t know how they relate to the guilt of the accused. Baseball is like that.

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