Sloan Sports Chem 101: “Play Your Best Rebounders With Worst Shooters”

NBA Chemistry: Positive and Negative Synergies in Basketball – Researwch paper authors are Allan & Phillip Maymin, and Eugene Shen.  MIT Sloan School Sports Analytics Conf., Friday March 2, 2012, afternoon.

Discussion begins with an audience poll: – Who’s a better pg CP3 or DWill? – I was in the underwhelming minority voting DWill

Research says that CP3 would have fit better in Utah, and DWill would have fit better in NOLA.

Distinguishing between possessions and plays as part of this chemistry research is interesting.

To the shock of no Nets fans, two of the worst players in skills plus minus overall ratings? Johan Petro and Gerald Green.   Ronnie Brewer, Gerald Wallace the 2 best players at creating steals according to study.

Jason Maxiell is one of the best at creating offensive rebounds.  Offensive Ballhandling Skills: “Eddy Curry seems to be a turnover machine.

Only 12 five-man units played more than 500 minutes together last year in the NBA

Best offensive skill = Nash, Wade, James… Best defender = Garnett… Best in offense & defense have more impact than best rebounders. Among skills measured: Offensive ballhandling, defensive ballhandling, offense (assuming no TOs), defense (same)

Deng for LMA. Josh Smith fr Granger. Boozer for Big Al identified as mutually beneficial trades by study.

Stealing has positive synergy with itself… Offensive scoring has negative synergy with itself… Play your best rebounders with worst shooters

Simple yet interesting premise discussed… Play your best rebounders with your worst shooters (more reb opportunities)



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