Sloan Sport – Hockey Analytics- “Stats are like a lamppost to a drunk, useful for support but not illumination”

Selected Tweets:

Burke: “There is no out-of-bounds in hockey. There’s a reason for it … Part of the reason we play hockey is to hit
Shucker: WAR (Wins Above Replacement) stat in hockey is coming.
Brian Burke: “Have a parade, get a ring, and then write a book.

Olympics are still a mixed bag for us?” ¬†Gary Bettman

Burke dismisses the merits of Moneyball because A’s didn’t win a title – no desire to just be good.
Burke (again) on Moneyball: “Goddammit, there’s more to this than looking at statistics and picking players out of a goddamn hat.
Burke: “I feel like Cassandra” from Greek Mythology.

Hockey’s new rules (no red line or obstruction) have turned players into heat-seeking missiles” – Mike Milbury on concussions
Interesting point by Milbury. Rules changes have made NHL game faster, thus making high speed collisions more frequent.

Burke on NHL concussions: “We can eliminate hitting, and no one will watch. … We’ll never get concussions down to zero.

For hockey, age of advance statistics is on the horizon –

30min into hockey analytics panel, we finally hear from a contextual stats guy: 100 “faceoffs won” worth about 1 goal

If I’m learning anything, it’s that there is a huge anti-stats bias in some NHL front offices

Bettman: NHL looking at $3.2B in revenue this season. Yet another large record, maintaing growth streak since yr-long lockout.

Stats are like a lamppost to a drunk, useful for support but not illumination”. – Brian Burke

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