MIT Sport Conf: Internet Can’t Do 29 million for A NFL Game — Would Slow to Crawl

At the MIT Sloan School Sports Conference, according to tweets from those in attendance, it was made clear that current broadband levels would not accommodate the necessary levels of NFL viewers to even allow streaming of NFL games on the internet. So that an NFL game attracting 29 million viewers, all of whom, theoretically, tune in via some streaming outlets, would cause all of the streaming to “slow to a crawl.

Below are the “tweet notes” accumulated from the Media Right Seminar.


“Media Rights: Pricing Power and Competition” panel with Head of NBC Sports, Jon Miller.

Mike_Reiter Didn’t buy Skipper’s answer to question about how contracts with leagues affect objective news reporting. It absolutely has an effect

Skipper on media piracy: “We have no intention of happening to us what happened to the music business.”

Skipper: The idea that our relationship with the leagues colors our ability to cover news is bogus and false.

Anita Elberse, the moderator of the #SSAC media rights panel to Shanks, “Given Fox’s history of unbiased news…”. That got a great laugh.

John Skipper just asked if MLB players can tweet between innings. That would be AWESOME….or a big mistake. What do you think?

Skipper on when can we get ESPN w/o a cable sub: “Not anytime soon. It’s working for us now and we see no reason to change that.”

jlush709 @SloanSportsConf can the 5 people here from google grab a meeting with Skipper? His view on online media seems 2008 not 2012.

ESPN deal to show ESPN3 directly on Facebook walls is the future of media. Need to be partners with the digital innovators

Skipper: “We regard all social networks as competition,” and still work w/ them. Want to be part of the experience, but not replaced.

John Skipper reveals Watch ESPN will be soon available to stream via personal Facebook walls. Interesting.

What is the value for a social network to buy NFL media rights? Why would Facebook hypothetically pay $2 billion for it? -John Skipper

“We are not providing anything free on the internet. You have to pay for it.” John Skipper at Media Rights Panel

Bob Bowman, president + CEO of MLB “We’re optimizing not maximizing in this current media system, and that’s not an easy thing

ESPN President John Skipper: “We would rather the Leagues didn’t get into our business, but we’re still doing just fine.”

John Skinner ESPN:we run spreadsheets Ad-nausem but the next time I look at 1to determine the price of media rights will be the first!

MLBAM’s Bowman: sports must-have because of live, DVR-proof, multiplatform, transgenerational, etc. Basically hits all buckets

John Skipper says value in sports TV rights still rests in fact that games need to be watched live.

ESPN John Skipper; “analytics in this area are worthless”, says they are worth what people will pay regardless of analytics.

NBC’s Jon Miller on soaring NFL media rights fees: nobody has a gun to our head. We see value in NFL, pleased to be w them

Now at the Media Rights: Pricing, Power and Competition panel, w/ MLBAM, NFL, Fox & NBC Sports. Really excited for this one

Media Rights with ESPN Pres. John Skipper, NBC Sports Pres. Jon Miller, Bob Bowman, Brian Rolapp, Eric Shanks, and Anita Elberse

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