MIT Sloan Sport Conf New Biz Pitches: Appears MC10, Med-service For Electronic Health Is Most Notable

Based on Twitter feeds, this “new business” portion of the MIT Sloan Conference appeared to have come up somewhat short, though a (highly subjective) review of tweets suggested that the MC 10 technology might have been the most impressive.  Below is the collection of representative (I hope) tweets from this “New Business” portion of the conference:


#SSAC 4-min. pitch – MC10: they’re developing a temp. tattoo-type sensor to measure athlete performance, transmit data.#NoMoreBulkySensors

#SSAC Top notch presentation from Ganeshapillai & Guttag on using machine learning techniques to predict what pitch is coming for B/P combos  (Just saw interesting research on “guessing” next pitch. Analytical model has 18% improvement over naively guessing)

12: Zeo sleep management technology that analyzes your sleep, gives you tips on how to improve your lifestyle, specifically sport-wise

11th: Umbrel, a statistical audience measurement platform to better gear advertisements that cross-correlates multiple statistics

9th: a website that compiles sports statistics aimed to predict the future

I could create a better presentation &present it in a more efficient exciting way than every startup at the trade show. Disappointing NickJBurrows

Second is MC10, a Mass-based medical service that aims to create more electronics to better improve health and well-being

First company up at the Trade Show: EDGE10, a sports performance group that is working to consolidate information on athletes

4 minutes to present an entire business model, with questions?#goodluck

At trade show biz competition. @Sportsboard looks like a great iPad app for scouts, offers on the fly analytics feedback

Watching the #SSAC bus comp interesting pitches and experienced judges make for a neat comp. So far MC10 is most compelling technology

Current presenter at #SSAC conducts research for the Data Driven Medicine Group. And yes, this is a sports conference.

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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