Linsanity Gets Shanghaied: The Economist On Why Lin and China May Be Oil and Water

The Economist’s February 20th edition contains an excellent article, “Stop the Linsanity?” which, as usual, gives sober and unique insight into some limits to Linsanity which have been ignored by the American press.

Lin, the article points out, never would’ve even been picked by China’s state-run basketball “machine”, since he is, at 6’3″, not the kind of too-tall giant which China plucks out of grade schools to funnel into its’ single-minded sports bureaucracy. In addition, the China has little, if any, interest in promoting anyone or anything having to do with Christianity. Finally, Lin’s parent’s homeland, Taiwan, remains non grata with the Chinese government.

Read this excellent article. Lin – contrary to some of the recent American press hyperventilation – may never emerge as a well-known superstar in China.

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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