Penn State to NCAA: BUZZ OFF

Here’s the text of PSU’s message in response to Pres. Mark Emmert’s Nov. 17 letter of inquiry:

“The NCAA is actively collecting information from the Penn State Special Committee Investigative Counsel during its ongoing investigation to determine our next steps.  Although this information will aid in our real time review, once the counsel’s work is complete the University likely will need to formally respond to the questions raised by President Emmert.”

These PSU guys have chutzpah. This letter doesn’t even commit to ever answering the simple questions posed by Emmert and the NCAA. Basicially, PSU is saying: we might respond sometime if we feel like it. (“likely will need to formally respond….”)

And Emmert’s gutless response?:  “Oh….never mind!”

About brewonsouthu

lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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