One Big Happy Valley or — Sandusky Lawyer Conflict-of-Interest?

Did Attorney Amendola tell Sandusky that PSU VP Schultz attended Amendola’s wedding?  One Big Happy Valley:

Former PSU VP Schultz on Standing on Left; Amendola and Young Bride Seated on Right

You never know what’s around the corner. Particularly in Happy Valley.  The photo above might make you raise an eyebrow, what with “retired” PSU VP Schultz (the PSU perjury defendant) in attendance at, it’s alleged, the wedding of Sandusky Attorney Jerry Amendola.

Makes you stop and think, too.  Amendola has been doing a little over-the-top “scorching” of some earth in his overall defense of Sandusky.  Might his efforts — and his decision-making — have been affected at all by what appears to have been his very close and probably longstanding relationship (a fair assumption, if Schultz is at his wedding) with former VP Schultz?

Let’s spin out some possibilities.

1) If Amendola can prevail in his defense of Sandusky, then such a “not-guilty” determination would very clearly bring great assistance and benefit to his apparent friend, Schultz, in his own defense of the perjury charge. But one might imagine that his decision to pursue such a not-guilty verdict, by taking the matter to trial, has been influenced not solely by Amendola’s determination that to do so is in Sandusky’s interest, but also by Amendola’s consideration of the interests of Amendola’s friend  Schultz.

2) Or, alternatively, should Amendola’s client, Sandusky, finally decide at some juncture to enter into a plea bargain, might that decision also bring substantial assistance and  benefit to friend Schultz– by avoiding more public airing of seamy facts at a long protracted trial, and appearing to solve an obviously overheated public frenzy, sufficient to allow the public to perceive that a “bad guy has been rounded-up” — so that the DA has less pressure to move quickly and forcefully for a Schultz conviction?

More important, did Amendola initially disclose to a perhaps unknowing Jerry Sandusky the fact of his past and apparently close friendship with Schultz?  Did he disclose to Sandusky, in addition, the kinds of judgment calls which needed to be made in the case, such as those referred to in paragraphs 1 & 2 above?

Ah, the potential for conflicts in One Big Happy Valley.

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