Emmert and the NCAA: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, or “Where Have You Gone, Melissa Conboy? ”

This is not time to lay off of Emmert and the NCAA.  They are cowards.

Here’s their position (and this applies to people like Asst. AD Melissa Conboy of Notre Dame, or Donna Shalala of Miami, or Graham Spanier of PSU, all of whom sit in glorious status on judging NCAA committees):

All we really have the stomach for is dressing up in silk ties and J. Crew business suits, and sitting in judgement of NCAA member schools who “slipped up” enough to warrant some little slap on the wrist.  Doesn’t anyone recognize that ONLY  this is what our business is?  PLEASE don’t make us worry and act on real-life problems.  We just want to get a memo from our NCAA staff,  briefing us on the background, and which says that some “Student-Athlete” was wicked enough to accept a free t-shirt — or, god forbid, went out and got himself the kind of “third party” representation that every one of our coaches got before they signed a contract.   And then we whack the “Student-Athlete”, but usually we can’t, in GOOOOOD conscience, whack one of these earnest, and very hard-working, and high-morals types who coach our football teams.

Hello?  Melissa Conboy?  Hello Mark Emmert?  Helloooo Donna Shalala?

Conboy.  Melissa.  An assistant AD at Notre Dame.  Former jock.  It’s a plum for her, people in South Bend now pay deference to her, she sits on BIG Ncaa Committees.  But Melissa.  You’ve watched it all, the whole Catholic church imploding, the priests covering and scrambling.  Cardinal Law in a mansion on the outskirts of Boston, and finally fleeing to the Vatican, where he just had his 80th birthday bash.

Where have you gone, Melissa Conboy?  Does all this all not make a sour, sick taste rise in your mouth? You are a honcho now.  Do you want to set back, and bask in your celebrity, and let this go on?  Do you want to let Mark Emmert (preposterously) claim that the NCAA has to stand by idly, and MUST wait  until civil and criminal proceedings have completed?   Have you looked at Bylaws 6, 10, 11, 19?  Is there anything at all in the entire universe of Ncaa sports which more clearly cries out for the Ncaa to act, and enforce?  Immediately?

As I recall, at least long ago, at the time each new Pontiff was elevated, there was some kind of fairly long march, a proceeding, conducted within the walls of the Vatican itself.  And as the procession moved, there was some underling, whose name and position I do not recall, whose job it was to bring a dose of reality to this new ruler of the non-secular world.  Three times, as I recall, this underling was authorized to stop the entire proceeding, and then light (three times) some cloth held aloft on a silver platter, on fire,  each time pronouncing emphatically to the new pontiff , “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi“.  Thus passes away the glory of the world.

Jo Pa:  Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. To the  Boy in PSU Lasch FB facility in 2002, a boy who contains within him for violent moments the horror of Sandusky’s violating flesh:  Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. To the  Boy in shower in 1998, with Sandusky soaping, maybe “horsing around”: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.   To All the other nameless boys who got violated (over and over) by Sandusky after (or before) 1998, while Joe Paterno lathered the press with endless talk of the “Grand Experiment”:  Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

Over and over and over.

Where have you gone, Melissa Conboy? Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.  Thus…… passes……. away…… the…… GLORY….. of… the… world.  Somewhere, there is a voice, I hear it, fading, no longer shrill, enclosed, withered:  Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

My most grievous fault.

About brewonsouthu

lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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