A Speculative Peak Behind Jo Pa’s Curtain: Jo Pa is a Spineless Phony

Let’s just suppose that Jo Pa knew, from McQuery, that McQuery saw Sandusky rape a ten year old in the PSU showers.  Just a hypothesis.  Imagine if you will, the swirling, very odd dynamics and cross-currents around the entire program.  The possibilities are endless.

—-Jo Pa doesn’t want to retire, primarily because this Shakespearean horrible, wretched sickening perverse set of facts will come out if he does. That’s why he hangs on so long: to keep the lid on. King Lear.

—  McQuery has to have one strange relationship with Jo Pa.  Are they the only coaches who know what has really gone on?  Do either of them do ANYTHING when Sandusky is around, or, in particular, around the premises with kids?   It turns your stomach. And much as I guess I admire McQuery and his father,  at least a tiny bit, one just has to hypothesize that they had some duty to do something else. Some things are SO BAD that you have to just SPILL ALL YOUR GUTS.  The truth and nothing but the truth, so help you god.

—   It makes one wonder the circumstances leading to McQuery’s hire, AFTER making this report (which apparently resulted in zero investigation) to Paterno.   Ponder what Jo Pa was up to when he hired McQuery?  I’m not suggesting McQuery is not qualified, since I don’t know that.  But is Joe scared of McQuery when he hires him?  Is Joe giving him favor, because McQuery knows this sordid, evil act committed within Jo Pa’s empire?  How far up the chain will McQuery progress, just because he and Joe are joined by this seamy secret?

—   When a child disappears, or is thought to have murdered, one of the first “operating suppositions” put at the top of the list by Prosecutors is that the parents or a close relative may have been involved.   In these kinds of molestation cases — it has to be stated — one of the first “operating suppositions” is that those involved in suppressing and not fully investigating facts may know or have done more than appears at first blush.  JoPa’s role here is highly suspect.

—    JoPa’s Assistant Coaches bring their kids around to practice, games, on premises at PSU FB facility:   did Jo Pa warn those Assistants of Sandusky?

JoPa is one strange ranger by this point.  This is a sick, twisted big-time football setting. Makes that habitual straight-faced liar, Jim Tressel, look like a saint.  All this stuff, all these NCAA investigations, suspensions of players, reprimands of coaches, all of it now is silly, small beer stuff.  Jo Pa is in on protecting pedophiles.  He’s just like Cardinal Law.  Reader:  you need to have contempt for this man who purported to be a moral leader.

Joe must GO. Immediately. He is a corrupt, spineless phony. There is no gray area. This is sordid, evil stuff that Sandusky did, which should have made Jo Pa vomit. Joe is a craven coward: Sandusky remained on PSU FB premises while Joe’s assistants’ KIDS were there. Some things are worth calling out. Joe never called the big TIME OUT that he should have, and he was the King of the Empire.  Joe Paterno: agent of evil. Children may have been raped or abused because you laid low, like a coward, while the press continued to hold you up for adulation.

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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