Ken Starr Has It Right, for Once: Why Baylor Can Hold Up the Conference Musical Chairs

Baylor announced today that it does NOT agree to waive all claims it may have against the SEC in its actions to pluck Texas A&M from the Big 12 nest, and tuck A&M within its’ own fold. The Big 12 contracts which bind its’ members are bedrock elements which need to be carefully analyzed before dismissing Stars’s claims. Baylor is, indeed, properly preserving its’ claims over against the PAC 12 for any similar, subsequent tortious interference, by asserting first its claims against SEC.  And Ken Starr may be one of the most priggish, antidiluvian and personally obnoxious characters one might bump into, but the man has HEFT: SCOTUS veteran and former federal judge who has ready access to the intellectual and financial elite of the right. Watch out. Add to all this that the guys running College Football (and this includes the SEC’s Mike Slive, who comes out of that same oxygen-and-reason-starved terrarium where reside the NCAA, its member schools, and their horseshit, money-skimming conferences) are lawless cowboys who use the facade of “Oh its all just a sport, and an amateur one at that” to pick the pockets of young adult entertainer-athletes while skimming millions and billions. And — in this case — to blow off contractual (and financial) obligations which run between members of the Big 12.  I don’t like Starr, but I’m with him all the way. More important: I’m BETTING on him.

About brewonsouthu

lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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