This Guy is A Hero?: Tremblin’ Jimmy Tressel’s Statement is Excruciatingly Embarrassing to Read

The Head Coach finds out everything. Tressel as Scared Little Old Lady.  Tressel Falling Apart Under Pressure — for nine months.  Tressel lying and covering-up.

Tremblin’ Jimmy and his Phony “Safety-of-Players” and “I Was Petrified” defense.  None of it makes sense. And just to be clear, I am a Michigan fan — but I always liked Tressel, until this all broke.  I thought he was honest, thorough, competent.  A big step ahead of Rich Rod, I used to think.

I just read the 139-page transcript of Jim Tressel’s “interview” on February 8, 2011. This was attended by Tim Nevius, NCAA Assoc. Dir. of Enforcement, Chance Miller, NCAA Asst. Dr. of the Agent, Gambling, and Amateurism Activities Dept., Doug Archie, OSU Assoc. Dir. for Compliance, Julie Vanetta Sr. Asst. Gen. Counsel for Athletics; Chuck Smrt, Head of “The Compliance Group” (an outside consulting outfit, brought in by OSU in mid-January); and Beth Chapman, also of The Compliance Group.

[And keep in mind this (probably inadvertent) admission by Tremblin’ Jimmy, at Page 17, as you read the rest of his goofy blather-filled Transcript:  “The Head Coach finds out everything.“]

Wretched. Horrible. Embarrassing.  This man has no shame. I defy you to try to read the transcript and come up with any other emotion.   His excuses are so juvenile that you can feel the embarrassment of the other people in the room.  He almost sounds bi-polar, or demented, he strains so hard to find some way to explain what he did — other than the simple, truthful explanation, which is that he fully, completely and deliberately intended to conceal it all from the NCAA, and probably many of the OSU officials. [Just for more context as to the outlandish drivel JT has come up with to attempt to “cover” his cover-up, see also the video of the drivel he trotted out at the March 8 Press Conference, at]

But remember, OSU is in on this fraud.  Even assuming the truth of its’ assertion that they first knew of the Cicero emails as of Jan. 13, 2011, OSU took three weeks to notify the NCAA about the emails. Three weeks, and all that they had to do was hit a few “forwarding mouse-clicks” to send them to the NCAA staffer.  Three weeks is a lifetime which allows the wrongdoer (Tressel, maybe others, and also, at that point, OSU’s AD and President) plenty of opportunity to undertake and complete a Very Effective Coverup.  That’s OSU’s expeditious compliance process for you.  And, after all, Pee Wee Gee (who gets smaller in moral stature every day) signed the NCAA filing which claims that Tremblin’ Jimmy’s failure to act (and, by implication, actions) were the result of “Indecisiveness”– though there is not one whit of support for this outlandish claim — and a whole lot of support, in the circumstances, for concluding that Tremblin’ Jimmy had fully decided to work his bottom off to coverup everything.

In fact, Tremblin’ Jimmy admits that they had weekly Compliance Sessions for the Coaches in season; why, for example, if he was so plagued by this crippling “indecisiveness”, did he not just ask a question of Compliance, at one of these weekly sessions, in the Fall of 2010 (say, during the very week when he put his fraudulent signature on his affirmation to the NCAA that he was unaware of any potential NCAA violations? Or, alternatively, as JT said,

I feel very free to call over to [OSU’s Compliance Guy] Doug [Archie] at home, say on a Sunday night…. I mean, you know, we’re not afraid to call them for, you know, anything.”

Well, why didn’t Tremblin’ Jimmy call OSU Compliance Guy Doug Archie, at home, during this alleged long nine months of “Indecisiveness”?  It’s all just preposterous, and grown people shouldn’t have to listen to this Tressel nonsense.  He executed on a deliberate, intentional and affirmative effort to cover-up all these issues.

We need, at this point, to pause for a moment, to genuflect at the ego which is Jim Tressel.  Gettaloadathis beauty of a quote [page 32]:

“I send back every email that I get. I read every email that I get, because a good percentage of them I send ’em are people that have a need, an illness, a phone call is needed, troop on deployment, you know?”

Oh, pull-eeeze. This is OSU-Head-Coach-As-Magical-Healer. The Pope at the Vatican.  Mother Theresa.  And this is the same guy who cheated, according to SI, the garden-variety high school football campers out of their money to “rig” the “contest” there in favor of the prize recruit Tressel hoped to lure to OSU?  And the same guy who engineered a nine-month deliberate cover-up, out sweeping away all the footprints, talking to players, Sarniak, coaches, whoever, to give them the “hush-hush” message.  Whew.  Think maybe Tressel needed to get knocked down a peg or two?

And this is the great, snivelling Tremblin’ Jimmy, posturing about the his Player Safety Concerns, at page 35:

“Okay.  You know, when I got it, you know, the first thing that
jumped out at me was, you know, “Federal government raid.”  You
know, so that was, you know, frightening.  And then the statements
half way down the bullet points, “I’m being told other
players.  I don’t know if there’s any money.  I have been told –”
you know, the hearsay that was inferred in the e-mail obviously
raised, you know, concern.
But probably the thing that knocked me off my socks was at the
bottom when there was a little description of this criminal.  And,
again, I didn’t emblazon in my mind his name.  I just emblazoned
in my mind, “Oh, my God.  There’s a homicide.  There’s drug
trafficking.  There’s possession of criminal tools.  This is a bad
situation.  This is, you know, this isn’t like the girl that called from
the hot dog stand.  This is not like the guy that calls from the bar
and says they might be getting a drink.  This is frightening……
And, you know, it – I was scared, quite frankly, as I read that.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Oh, was little Jimmy T scared? Mommy not there to hold Jimmy’s hand? Really, this posturing needs to be held up to the light of the day’s honest ridicule.  Not know what to dooooooo? For NINE MONTHS?  This quote sounds like the airy hyperventilations of some perspiring lonely old shut-in widow, dabbing her hankie to her neck and temple with her trembling hands: “OH MY GOD, THERE’S A HOMICIDE!!!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Just to be clear, Tremblin’ Jimmy didn’t actually see a murder.  He READ about a tiny reference to one.  And it’s a good thing Tremblin’ Jimmy was never a “troop on deployment”, he’d have gone catatonic in Basic Training, without ever hearing or seeing a shot fired — carted off on a stretcher, with heart palpitations, just because someone mentioned guns — Scary!  .  Remember, this story of  JT’s , meant to explain his alleged horrible, terrifying, paralyzing, disorienting FEAR , is because he READ A FEW PARAGRAPHS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       And, if you read the whole transcript, you can see what a “softball” session this whole interview was; a good lawyer would have, in contrast, ripped JT to shreds.  But these interviewers present did everything they could to go easy on JT, find him some way out.  But Tim Nevius of the NCAA, ever the gentleman, after what was about 80 pages of useless meandering, contorted, self-absorbed B.S. from Tressel, finally gets slightly exasperated, and  hits the nail on the head:
Tim Nevius: I appreciate that, yeah.  And I can understand what you’re thinking
there.  But I guess what the problem is that there was no action
taken on either the NCAA issues or the federal investigation.
Jim Tressel: Right.
Tim Nevius: So despite the concern of one of those issues being more
problematic than another –
Jim Tressel: Mm-hmm.
Tim Nevius: – I don’t think that you – the facts are that you didn’t address
Jim Tressel: Right.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Nevius figured it out, and (for his small part, and for one small moment) pulled the NCAA out of the swamp which is the OSU Athletics-Media-Industrial Complex.  Tressel was caught dead to rights, but tried to lie over and over about his plan. He didn’t DO anything (above-ground)  to report the NCAA violation, and he didn’t DO anything (above-ground) to report facts he knew relating to the Federal investigation. What he did DO, was a whole lot of nine months of “under-ground” covering up.
So what do we learn about Tressel from all this?:   Well, if you believe Tressel and OSU, his character derives from at least two major sources: 1) His child-like jumpiness and fear when he even reads about crime; and 2) His fundamental Indecisivenss when under duress.  This is the basic upside-down summarized message OSU and Tremblin’ Jimmy want us to take away from all this.
How does this description plopped in our laps by OSU and Tressel compare with the (pre-existing) legend of Tressel?
— “Grace under pressure? (to quote  Hemingway) —  NAAHHHH.
—  A cool, fearless leader of men?   HARDLY.  He apparently has a hard time deciding which shoe to tie first.
 At the end of it of the Transcript, you want to retch at the sight you’ve seen, a small man, making himself smaller with each Transcript page — and then you can’t get it out of your mind:  WHOA —- just how many hundreds of things has Tremblin’ Jimmy schemed and lied about over the years?

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