Next Buckeye to Go: Pee Wee Gee Will Boot AD Gene

You might have seen the news this week:  Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton resigned.  Just days before the Vols “Hearing” before the NCAA on charges relating to their football and basketball programs. This is a broad hint as to a standard tactic: Ditch the AD before the Hearing.

Right now the NCAA “Hearing” for “The” Ohio State University is scheduled for August. (I put “Hearing” in quotes because it’s just a bunch of NCAA hacks sitting in a room, all members of the same cartel-in-restraint-of-trade, all of them hoping in their heart-of-hearts that they can find some way, any way, to avoid sanctioning the school — with a straight face.) There’s a strong chance the Hearing will get put off, because there is also a strong chance that more charges will shortly be made by the NCAA against the Buckeyes [cars, more evidence of a more widespread “trinket” -pawning operation by many players, etc.]

Whatever the date of the hearing, I’ll bet you a Buckeye that Smith gets knifed by Gee several days before that hearing. The only question is whether the OSU Board also knifes Gee at the same time, or later, and I’m betting that the Termination Trifecta (Tressel, Smith and Gee) will be completed before the hearing.

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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