Tressel, Disappearing Down a Chute

It’s a long slippery slope for Tressel.  Say your good-byes now, because he’s gone.  Now it’s come out that he emailed/forwarded Terrelle’s home-town “mentor” with the emails he had received from Mr. Tatto Parlor/Subject-of-Federal-Drug-and-Tax-Investigation Rife.

So let’s see, where are we now?  Tressel says he was so “scared” that he was paralyzed (upon receipt of emails from Rife’s attorney stating that Rife was the subject of Fed probe) that he, Tressel, didn’t know who to email or report to.  But he KNEW enough to email Pryor’s “mentor”.   This was a man so disoriented by fear, but he lucked out enough so that it must have been his unconscious mind which managed, in all that paralysis, to get a clicked email out to Pryor’s guy.  Preposterous, all of it.

But, however Tressel now appears as blowhard, at least we can trust the NCAA to rein-in this kind of nonsense, right?   Well ……. not exactly — though, to be fair, they might possibly end up having some guts.  But what we have widely publicized now is Tressel’s “voluntary” and oh-so-gracious notion that, instead of sitting out two games, he will now sit out FIVE.  Wait a minute: is this sort of nonsense meant to include the notion that  this suspension only applies to the games?  — or also applies (as it would to any student) to Tressel being involved in coaching at all?   It’s the former, rest assured, as mandated by the Ohio State University, anyway.  One more instance of AD Smith and Pres. Gee acting as buffoons — all a big laydown for the millions of dollars which flow through that Horseshoe.

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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