@RichRod– RR’s First Post-Firing Tweet: “Have Shredder, Will Travel”


When he departed WVU, Rich Rod burned alot of bridges – friends, relatives, associates.  He made sure he called prize-recruit Terrelle Pryor to tell him about Rich’s acceptance of the Michigan job — even before he informed the WVU players.

And in his testimony in the subsequent lawsuit about the disputed payout owed by RR to WVU for breaking his employment contract (Michigan ended up footing the bill for most of it), Rich Rod also had to admit that he did a sizeable amount of shredding of documents before he left WVU.

Note to Brandon: make sure Rich Rod spends his next few days shredding his documents — he’s a serpent, and god knows what kind of trouble lurks in his moulted skin.

Note to Rich Rod: Make sure that that Resume you’re putting together:

1) Makes clear that your Document Shredder is in good working order; and

2) Omits any mention that there’s a strong liklihood the NCAA will issue its’ Final Decision, within the next couple months, finding Major Violations committed by you while you were WVU’s’ Head Coach.

If some potential employer happens to find out from a collateral source about the potential for more sanctions from the NCAA’s case against you and WVU, you can easily just say you “Didn’t Know, Didn’t Read, Didn’t Ask, and Didn’t See.”

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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