Brandon Is “MNoClue”: It’s Time for “MGoNew”

It’s time for “MGoNew” — and, after that, then “MGoWho?” Brandon needs to stop acting like the Town Librarian, with his “Please be quiet and stop asking questions, don’t you know that it takes a REALLY  long time to apply our Dewey Decimal System for evaluating Big-Time Football Coaches?” routine?

What’s there left for Brandon to learn, find out, or evaluate? He’s had five weeks to “evaluate” the regular season since the OSU Fiasco, with nothing new — other than:

1) the Fiasco-Squared Gator Bowl — for which, everyone agrees, Rich gets a leaden ‘F’; and

2)  Rich Rod’s once-again shameless “blame-shifting” comments at a post-game news conference, full of innuendo meant to foist blame on “18, 19, 20 year-olds” who “don’t execute.”  Why can’t he just say we didn’t perform, and it’s my doing?

In fact, in the process of attempting to spin his own Royal AD-ness as the “Decider-in-Chief”, Brandon looks more like Bert Parks trying to hype alot of artificial Miss America pageant-type suspense — rather than what he wants to look like, which is gubernatorial.

About brewonsouthu

lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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