NCAA QUOTE OF THE YEAR: “When Everybody Else Around Them is Running to the Bank.”

“When everybody else around them is running to the bank.” This is the NCAA quote of the year, by Julie Posey, mother of DaVier Posey, one of the six Ohio State players just “sanctioned” (a five-game suspension, which “skips” OSU”s upcoming bowl game, because the bowl sponsors, hovering by their cash registers, would be much too annoyed if these supposedly errant – but gifted – boys were not allowed to play) by the NCAA for selling or trading “memorabilia.”

Here’s the full quote:  “The NCAA is amazing,” she said. “Every time you turn around, they come up with something new to ensure that the young men that have poured their hearts and souls and energy and intellect into their craft are continually kept at a disadvantage when everybody else around them is running to the bank.”

Ms. Posey is a widow with four children, and if you want to further opine on any topics having to do with the “propriety” of either the sanctions or the “sales” executed by these athletes, read this Columbus Dispatch article first:  She goes on to state in that article, about her son and other college athletes, ” They’re not amateurs. Who do they think they’re kidding? The NCAA certainly doesn’t look at them as amateurs. If they did, they wouldn’t be making money off them.”

“Making money off them.”  That’s called commerce. Which usually involves payment to those who manufacture the product (i.e. players.)  Now refer for a moment to all the fat cats in the “Athletics Departments” of both OSU and Michigan, as an example.  How many get “free” loaner cars? (about 100 each.)   How many make more than $100,000 per year?  Countless.  All of them, soft, easy lives, with the mortgages easily paid.  And Ms. Posey, and her son, DeVier, creep along, scratching out an existence. But remember, all of you, suburban TV hounds, slouched in carpeted Rec Rooms with 42″ Flat -Screen, High-Def TVs,  that it is writ somewhere on the Mount that no person taking college courses shall ever be paid any dollars for– or allowed to earn any dollars from -athletic endeavors which generate the tsunami of cash flooding big time colleges, and have little or nothing to with “learning.”  Read the article.

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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