Index of Past Postings: What We’ve Covered

Index of Past Postings: What We’ve Covered (Just scroll down, or click on the Month indicated in right-hand column, to get at the posting)

12/3: Why Brandon Will Fire Rich Rod – For Sure

12/3: Morris wants the Old M Back: Why He Can Speak Out Freely

12/3: The NCAA, WVU  and M Plot Thickens

12/1: The Bombshell in the WVU NCAA Charges

11/18: So much for Enforcement

11/7:  NCAA Conclusions Conflict with the Text of Decision

11/3: Brandon hasn’t fixed CARA

11/1:  UM’s Wimpy “Corrective Actions”

10/30:  NCAA WVU Investigation May Cause Additional Charges Against UM

10/30:  UM, Brandon, and RR Dissemble About Practice Time Reality

10/24:  Martin’s Coverup & Failure to Report Violations, and RR’s Atmosphere of Un-Compliance

10/19:  Labadie, RR’s Right-Hand Man, Crashes the Practice-Time and Coach-Monitoring Systems

10/18:  Why Three Amigos’ Texts (RR, Labadie, Draper) are Important and Still Missing

10/18: RR ’08 Sworn Testimony Contradicts His Current Claim He Didn’t Know Rules

10/15: Exhibit Index (RR Filing)

10/15: Exhibit Index (UM Filing)

10/15:  RR’s Secretary – Wacky Job Description

10/15:  Rich Rod’s “Greasy Kid Stuff” Excuses to NCAA

9/27:  The Entire Timeline Summarized:  RR & Martin Thumb Their Noses at Compliance

9/26: UM’s Intentionally Incoherent Response to NCAA

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lawyer, with interest in college sports and NCAA oversight and decisions, and sports generally.
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