Brandon Hasn’t Fixed CARA system

Interview Tim Brando Show August 5, 2014


Go to MGoBlue. You can’t find the  new CARA form, nor can you find any new instructions. The section on Instructions for Coaches has no “click-thru” for the listed CARA portion.  The Forms section shows a form, but it’s the old one.  You can also see the old one in the Compliance Handbook, which has unnumbered  pages.  Just go to the area about ten or fifteen pages from the bottom, you’ll see it. (It’s worth noting: everything in the Compliance Manual is at least two years old; there has been no updating since the NCAA came in!  But let me be clear: this is NOT the fault of Judy Van Horn; it’s a matter of staffing, and Compliance is understaffed.  UM has received an annual “windfall” payment of some $7 to $10 million  dollars from the wildly profitable BTN, so the Department, just in the last two years, is awash in cash.  It’s one of the most profitable in the country, and clearly has the money to properly increase  Compliance staff.)

But Brandon and Coleman have not taken the “Corrective Action” question seriously enough.  In a well run business, with a vigorous Loss Control or Risk Management structure, either internal or partially external, there would be top to bottom changes in personnel and structure after a “Loss” (i.e. at least four major violations, and the Filing having been filed with the fear of some later finding of Lack of Institutional Control) such as the one UM has experienced here.

Just how committed are Coleman and Brandon to revising the entire CARA process, with (as they said in their  May 25 filing), a “simplified” form, and a process for “escalation” up through the hierarchy, if the forms aren’t timely filed? We’re  now five months since that representation was  made, and still no instructions available as  to how to use forms, what the new forms should look like, and what some third party might therefore do if there is a sense that forms are not being timely or truthfully submitted?  What is the status of CARA anyway?

UM  should be leading the way, and you would think this would all be high priority.  But other items on the website get fast attention, like creating and broadcasting the Twitter account “tweets” by Rich Rod. (The same RR who, apparently, never sent any email, text, or other written communication of any kind to Compliance – or anyone in  the Athletics Department – during the entire 20 months covered by the NCAA investigation.)

Tweets take priority over Compliance.  Make you wonder whether Compliance ought to be carved out of the Athletics Department, and made a “stand-alone” division under President Coleman?

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2 Responses to Brandon Hasn’t Fixed CARA system

  1. Ramon says:

    How does the NCAA give Rodriquez a pass? His response sounded clownish. Didn’t he do much the same in W.V.?

    • brewonsouthu says:

      Ramon, I’ll post on it tomorrow — suffice to say that the “big picture” – sanctions and final findings, don’t mesh with the text of the 29 page opinion. The opinion is actually quite good, they see through alot of the b.s. — but them go on to conclude finally that they’re going to ignore it. Unbelievable.

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