RR’s Secretary – Wacky Job Description – Made Up In the Dark of Night?

[Sum: Job Descriptions submitted by Three Amigos – RR, Draper, Labadie – were a year late, and look jerry-rigged and made up in dark of night. RR Secy JD curiously seems to require top-secret clearance. Draper and Labadie’s don’t require much at all re: their duties to monitor Practice Time and Coach Numbers which they “crashed” by doing nothing for a year.]

Wackiest Job Description Award:   Reprinted below (from UM Filing Exhibit 5) are three Job Descriptions –  for Rich Rod’s Secretary; Asst. AD for Football Scott Draper, and Director of Football Operations Brad Labadie.  Very entertaining, if you recall the context.  Job Descriptions were AWOL for about a year: beginning in August 2008, the Compliance Office was asking RR, Labadie and Draper for them.  Nothing happened. And more nothing happened. For a whole year. Until August 29, 2009, when the Free Press published its’ expose about the football program.

These three Job Descriptions finally got coughed-up by Draper on August 29 (give or take a day.)  Just let your mind wander to the notion that perhaps someone — or several people – stayed up late one night, at the end of August 2009, ginning-up the long-awaited Job Descriptions.  Imagine Draper at his computer, and/or Labadie, maybe even Rich Rod — all worried now (as was B. Martin) because all the Practice-Time and Excess-Coaches issues they’d all known about for a long time were going to be exposed.  [As pointed out elsewhere, it’s obvious Martin had no plans in place to investigate — much less report to the Big Ten or the NCAA — the Practice Time and Excess-Coach issues which he’d been well aware of for at least nine months. The Freep forced his hand.]  So notice what you get for wacky job descriptions.

The one for RR’s Secretary is best —  and the wackiest:  go through and pick out how often it is emphasized that she must be capable of handling documents and information of “highly sensitive and confidential nature.”  It’s as though she needed –  and got – National Security Clearance. Note also that, of the three, hers is the only one which requires an “understanding of NCAA rules and regulations”– despite the fact that Labadie and Draper are supposed to be the liaisons for RR to CSO and the AD! (And Draper gets paid $150,00, Labadie gets $75,000, and the Secretary gets, what – $40,000?)  So does this mean Labadie and Draper were just very highly-paid couriers, with orange hair on bikes, ferrying back and forth some important documents “initiated” by RR’s Secretary about “policies and procedures”? [The quotes here are from that Job Description.]  Draper and Labadie, according to these Job Descriptions, needed zero familiarity with NCAA “Rules and Regs”? Huh?   It’s the Secretary (requirement: High school education) who is supposed to be the NCAA rule- knowledgeable one?

And the Secretary’s Job Description needs to be read in concert with RR’s contention that he “didn’t recall seeing” or “discussing with anyone” the August 15, 2008 memo to all coaches which informed him of the need for a  whole new tracking/Job Description system for Coaches and Quality Control staffers.  Combine that with the disclosure in the UM Filing that RR “doesn’t have an institutional email address.” The Secretary Job Description is careful to set her up in this context – if need be — as a buffer, or fall-guy – as one who perhaps just never relayed or displayed to, or discussed with, RR, emails or documents which he was supposed to have received or read, or as the one who “misunderstood” NCAA Rules and Regulations — in direct violation of her preposterous Job Description.

Then look at Labadie’s Job Description: NOTHING about compliance, or the NCAA, or knowledge of NCAA Rules & Regs. Not even a word about his purported duty — repeatedly referred to throughout the UM & RR NCAA Filings —  to obtain, record and file CARA forms. Not ONE word?  Is that at all curious?  Does this raise any questions as to who wrote the Job Description, and when it was written?  Was someone trying to crawl out from under that duty, by omitting the task from the Labadie and Draper Job Descriptions? Who wrote these Job Descriptions?   We’ll apparently never know.

Look at Draper’s Job Description.  First of all, it’s a “cut-and-paste”: the structural outline numbers don’t even match up, and the general second half repeats many of the elements in the first.  Again, no mention of responsibility for CARA forms and data.  Who do you suppose might have that function on their Job Description? [Surprised it didn’t show up on Janet Matazatics’?]   And note the explicit reference to his Draper’s duty to be “Liaison”  between RR and Compliance and Bill Martin:  Draper failed miserably in this explicitly assigned duty.  Labadie and Draper were a mass of dysfunction, who together “crashed”  the entire Practice Time and Coach-Counting functions for at least a whole year, leading to the numerous NCAA major violations admitted to by UM and RR  — but Draper is still on the job? And Labadie was allowed to leave gracefully last spring?  What gives?  What does this “look the other way” treatment of Labadie and Draper tell an entire Athletic Department about the  department’s emphasis on strict compliance?:  It tells them that the department encourages, rather than discourages, efforts which: 1) lead to a lack of necessary and required data; 2) constrain, if not suffocate, necessary data recording and communication.

All of these questions raise issues about what kind of management structure Bill Martin’s Department had in place to prevent compliance violations  — a factor which the NCAA explicitly assesses in determining whether there was “lack of institutional control.”


Job Description for Secretary to Head Football Coach [JANET MATAZATICS]: Perform responsible secretarial and administrative duties for Head Football Coach, including matters of a highly sensitive and confidential nature.

Duties & Responsibilities:  Respond to inquiries and complaints regarding matters of a highly sensitive or confidential nature, which may have institutional impact;   Initiate written correspondence requiring interpretation of policies and procedures; Schedule appointments and coordinate meetings; Take and transcribe correspondence from shorthand or Dictaphone; Answer inquiries or complaints from faculty, staff,  students or guests; Edit reports or manuscripts for organization, structure or style; Handle travel arrangements for prospects.

Screen, prioritize or respond to correspondence as a representative of the administrator or direct matters to appropriate individuals for action or follow-up.

Receive and reconcile expense statements.

Understand NCAA rules and regulations.

In addition to the tasks identified above, staff member must also perform the work characteristics of the Secretary I, II, and III classifications.

Personal Contact:  Personal interaction involves providing and obtaining highly confidential information requiring discretion and judgment in the interpretation and application of policies and procedures.

Qualifications: A high school diploma, including course in secretarial practice, typing, and office procedures, or equivalent combination of education and experience is necessary. 5 to 7 years of secretarial experience is preferred. Ability to type 60-80 wpm with accuracy is necessary.


Director of Football Operations: Job Areas and Responsibilities [BRAD LABADIE]

1. Administration and Operations – Football: Assist with management of the service and support functions of the FB program. Determine program needs, design & initiate program modifications where needed. Description as follows:

A. Management Summer Jobs Program: arrange summer jobs for football players in AA area or home community; identify working opportunities for incoming recruits; development of summer employment program; coordination of career opportunities for graduating seniors.

B. Management of life skills program: Arrange speakers from NFL & other agencies to talk with players and players about agents and the NFL; coordinate with athletic dept. staff the COOL and STARS program.

C. University Housing and Financial Aid: coordinate with housing office room assignments & placement; Coordinate with Fin. Aid office and CSO Pell Grant & other fin. aid forms & procedures.

D. Coordination of annual High School FB Coaches’ Clinic: Develop promotional literature; brochure layout & design; advertising; Id program speakers; organize program; handle brochure distribution; Id Clinic Info package; Id Clinic Pre-Reg and Reg.

E. Admin Support: Provide Admin Assistance for Hd. Coach & Asst. AD for Football Operations

F. Incoming Freshman Orientation: help schedule and educate incoming freshman with University Orientation.


Job Areas & Responsibilities –  ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIRECTOR – Football  [SCOTT DRAPER]

1. Administration and Operations – Football: Manage the service and support functions of the football program.  Determine program needs, design and initiate program modifications when needed. Systemize and document specific aspects of football operation. Analyze all current support staff processes and procedures to increase day to day efficiency. Manage team travel arrangements for home and away game contests. Coordinate Football Team Bowl game arrangements.

A. Coordination Football  Team Travel:  —Coordinate with Head Coach and AD:   Itinerary, Travel Squad Rooming, Transportation:  Air, Land, Location and Destination; Hotels, Meals

B. Coordination Annual High School football Coaches Clinic: Coordinate overall program, Identify Clinic Sponsors, Arrange meals; Handle Facility Setup; Arrange Clinic Speakers

C. Coordination and Oversight of Football Team Post-Season Bowl Arrangements: Itineraries – Head Coach, Players, Coaches, Family, Staff.  Coordinate Team Travel — buses, charter, flights, rental cars.  Coordinate with Members events, functions, itineraries.  Coordinate game operations with bowl staff.  Coordinate practice operations – practice site selection. Field prep, locker room security. Coordinate selection and distribution of  player and staff Bowl Gifts. Maintain bowl budget.

D. Annual Football Bust: Liaison with UM Club of Greater Detroit; Coordination of Team Travel arrangements; Coordination of team, staff and family invitations; coordination of facility layout with club; Program review and assistance with club

E. Visiting Football team Coordination: coordinate visit of opposing team; Liaison with visiting team and athletic dept.

F. Liaison to Athletic Department for Head Coach

G. Liaison to Athletic Director for Head Coach

H. Liaison to Academic Support Program for Head Coach

I. Oversight of Michigan Football budget

1. General Administrative support: coordinate pre-season practice, NFL pro-timing day, and practice officials.  Provide administrative support to Head Coach and AD. Act as Liaison to Compliance Services Office, Academic Support Program and Nike.  Serve on Athletic dept. and University committees regarding football program. Coordinate staff game ticket distribution. Coordinate with Hd. Coach and AD re: schedule. Coordinate policies and procedures for Head Coach and AD.  Booster Club Management; Coordinate with Alumni Clubs events and visits.

Football budget:  Maintain; signoff on all purchases; signoff & maintain expense reports for staff; develop and maintain capital expenditures; develop and maintain compliance with athl. dept. business policies.

III. Facility Management – Schembechler Hall: develop an effective operations system for managing Schembechler Hall

A. Coordination Schembechler Hall Facility Schedule: FB program meeting requirements; Div. of Kinesiology Classes; Inter-departmental scheduling; Towsley Museum scheduling & maintenance; Facility special event management

B. Coordination Schembechler Hall Office staff:  Coordination for staff schedules and some work assignments – lunch schedule, vacation time, student staff. Evaluation of performance.

C. Direct Facility Improvement Projects:  Work with architect in design process; Act as Project Manager during project; Liaison to University Design and Plant departments

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