For Reference: Exhibit Index (RR Filing)

Helps you find documents.  (RR’s Filing omitted any such index – perhaps a good indication that the Filing’s primary intent was to muddy, not clear, the water.)

Exhibit 1: 2004 document entitled “personnel-Conduct of Athletics.
Personnel-Spots ability of Head Coach. Shows amendment to NCAA by law 11.1.2, which adds

Exhibit 2: partial copy of transcript of NCAA interview with coach Rick RR, pages 61 — 16

Exhibit 3: copy of Bylaw

Exhibit 4: Ann article “QC coaches at the center of NCAA allegations against Michigan football.”

Exhibit 5: 4/17/09 memo from Patricia Long, chair of NCAA Division I recruiting and athletics personnel issues. Reviews and seeks input concerning coaching limitations.

Exhibit 6: Media Guide. Excerpts re: some QC and Grad Assistants (2007)

Exhibit 7: undated, handwritten two page document. RR Filing explains that it is handwritten note by RR’s Agent, during meeting with Bill Martin, Dec. ’07.  This is transcription:
1. Objective–get to know each other.
-Evaluating Concept proves we go into next step, more full-scale discussions [if two parties want to get it done their own way.
2. Rich talk about his background-believes, how he coaches,?
3. Bill-Michigan-tradition.
-Facilities-Stadium-second indoor facility [Big Ten champs]
-Staff-two GA’s; three QC; two weight?

Exhibit 8: Resumes for QC staff

Exhibit 9: E-mail 5/13/10 from Jackie Thurmes of NCAA to Atty Tompsett: she lists testimony, the enforcement staff intends to rely upon to substantiate Allegation 2-B. pertains to use of equipment

Exhibit 10: 1/27/04 document “Division I 2004 Hot Topic#1–Use of equipment Related to the Sport During out of season Conditioning drills

Exhibit 11: 8/15/08 memo from Vollano to All Michigan Head Coaches, requesting the job list, and signed job descriptions

Exhibit 12: document entitled “Defensive Quality Control-Adam Braithwaite.” a similar document is included for each QC staffer.The document is date stamped “received, August 28, 2008.” the job descriptions are very brief, not sign, and it is unclear who drafted them, or when

Exhibit 13: e-mails between Draper and Vollano, early September 2008, pertaining to both the list of coaches and the signed job descriptions, both of which were the subject of Vollano’s 8/15/08 memo

Exhibit 14: 2/10/09  Compliance Meeting-Bill Martin, Athletic Director: lists CSO initiative to obtain job descriptions & signed job responsibility agreements… and is working with Brad and Joe.  [The “Job Responsibility Agreements” are, it appears, nowhere in the record. They didn’t surface in February 2009, and have not since.
Query: Labadie worked down at Schembechler Hall with all the coaches; Joe Parker is at 1000 S. State with Bill Martin. What happened over the following 6 1/2 months, which caused Parker to fail to get these “signed Job Responsibility Agreements?”]

Exhibit 15: 6/23/09  e-mail Dennis Murray (S&C) to Vollano  re: Compliance Calendar. “Here is the broken down times. If my calculations are correct it’s 7 3/4 hours a week, and we are allowed 8, I believe. We do lockout times however longer for the fields because, since it’s voluntary, not everyone comes at the same start. So that’s why we lockout times longer than are actually needed. I counted the actual list/speed and agility session times and excluded the warm up and cool down, let me know if you need anything else.  [There  is referenced in the UM filing that some CARA forms were turned in on 6/23; thus, it appears that this memo, which purports to enclose a 2009 Compliance Calendar, somehow might attach those. . But the attachments are in typical “monthly calendar” form, with 30 boxes, and pertain to the months of May, June and July 2009 — so appear to be merely schedules for upcoming or very recent practices.]

Exhibit 16: Transcript of voicemail from Vollano to Murray, 6/25/09:  some ramble about the activities just being “monitoring the workout and wouldn’t be… conducting the workout, so… then it wouldn’t have to count.”

Exhibit 17: undated document which is entitled at the top “In-Season Practice Schedule.” Penciled in the above that title is a handwritten “2008”  it goes on to list activities for each day of the week

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